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The Natural Testosterone Boosting Myth

The Natural Testosterone Boosting Myth

Reality check: Almost every single “testosterone boosting” supplement sold today is a scam. The cold hard truth is that there’s little to NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE supporting the claims made by supplement companies about their testosterone boosters actually raising testosterone levels. However, there are various reasons why supplement companies get away with marketing their garbage testosterone boosters.

On top of being in an industry where they are exempt from strict rules and regulations, there is a growing market consisting of millions of men who are suffering from testosterone deficiency who are desperate enough to fall for these scams.

In the past 25 years, we’ve been bombarded by marketing gimmicks and ‘too-good-to-be-true’ ad campaigns from every conceivable form of media trying to sell us the latest and greatest “testosterone booster” supplement. There’s an excellent chance you’ve already fallen prey to these ads and invested your hard-earned money into one of those ‘‘natural testosterone boosters”. If you haven’t discovered it on your own already, we’re here to tell you unequivocally that nearly every one of those so-called boosters is a waste of your hard-earned money.

These products are nothing more than unproven snake oil sold to millions of unsuspecting men who believe and buy into the hype because they would do anything to look and feel better. The only thing these supplements have ever done is emptied the bank accounts of those people who swallow the “magic pills.” The companies that sell these boosters claim you can naturally raise testosterone levels through the use of their carefully selected herbal supplements. They make false promises and say that you’ll notice a better sex drive, bigger muscles, or even a larger penis from taking these natural remedies.

However, none of them actually deliver on their claims. These solutions are rip-offs and will not provide a meaningful increase in your testosterone levels. So why do they stay in business despite being so ineffective? Well, there are several factors behind their popularity. Testosterone deficiency is a real, global phenomenon afflicting a massive number of men and it will only continue to grow.

This means there’s a growing market of millions of men who are looking for help. We live in an ‘instant gratification’ society that encourages people to seek immediate results without doing the actual work. Our modern culture bows at the altar of the overnight success and the quick fix. Why spend years painstakingly building a testosterone-optimized lifestyle on a foundation of diet, exercise, and sleep when you can just take an “all-natural” testosterone booster and get the same results? Fitness gurus on YouTube will market testosterone boosters to impressionable young men who see their extreme muscularity and believe that they will achieve a similar physique in ”just 60 days” by using these boosters.

As a result, men look to slickly marketed natural remedies in the hopes they might boost their testosterone levels. And now, tons of fraudsters have spun up YouTube channels and portrayed themselves as experts in order to turn a profit. So what’s the cold hard truth about testosterone boosters? The truth is that there’s little to NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which supports the claims made by supplement companies about their testosterone boosters actually raising testosterone levels. Unfortunately, after decades of media misinformation about testosterone, many men are reluctant to undergo hormone optimization due to erroneous concerns over dangerous side effects. And they don’t realize that Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) is the only real solution to their problems that have, unlike these supplements, been scientifically proven to work. To read why using therapeutic testosterone is a much better investment than unproven testosterone boosters, purchase The TOT Bible.


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