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The Best Types Of Vitamin C For Fighting COVID-19 Infections

Three weeks ago, I first mentioned the use of Vitamin C for COVID-19 with the help of Dr. Kenneth Wilgers.

Thanks to the brilliant health researcher Doris Loh, we now have a complete understanding of how Vitamin C fights acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and thereby treats COVID-19.

Also, I published an important article revealing a must-have protocol for fighting severe COVID-19 infections with ascorbic acid.

(Both articles contain links to all of Doris’s important research with all the scientific justification necessary to support our recommendations).

This article is a strategic deep dive into the specific forms of ascorbic acid (a.k.a. Vitamin C) you should be using and stocking up on to fight the bio-weapon known as Covid-19.

But first, I want to dispel some widely held myths about Vitamin C supplementation.

Why You CANNOT Get Enough Vitamin C From Whole Foods


If you read the protocol listed above, the answer should be obvious.

If you’re suffering a severe Covid-19 infection and require two grams of ascorbic acid every 30 minutes for a total of four hours.

Adding in the initial loading dose of 3-5 grams, you’re looking at 19-21 grams total (assuming your symptoms improve within 3-4 hours)

For the sake of the exercise, suppose you got your hands on food with the highest amount of Vitamin C per serving.

This would be the Kakadu plum, with 481 mg of Vitamin C per plum — but let’s be generous and round up to 500 mg.

You would need to eat 38-42 plums in FOUR HOURS just to follow the protocol!

With the type and quantity of ascorbic acid needed to fight COVID-19 and fuel all the required bodily reactions to overcome systemic depletion, foods just won’t do it.

Let’s not forget the amount of fructose you would be consuming, which would cause an inflammatory insulin response depending on your body composition and genetics.

If you are getting a maintenance dose of ascorbic acid while healthy(not experiencing symptoms), there’s nothing wrong with getting your Vitamin C from whole foods (Although realistically, it would still be tough to hit maintenance dosage with citrus fruits and you’d be consuming a lot of fructose).

Vitamin C IS Ascorbic Acid!

By far, the biggest myth worth debunking is that ascorbic acid and Vitamin C are entirely separate things.

This is an agenda pushed by people who are trying to sell “Whole Food” Vitamin C supplements.

Their logic goes something like this:

“Ascorbic acid is an isolate, a fraction, a distillate of naturally occurring vitamin C. In addition, mineral co-factors must be available in proper amounts.

If any of these parts are missing, there is no vitamin C and therefore, no vitamin activity.”

These same people will show you the following diagram to illustrate their point:

Doris Loh does a beautiful job of debunking this notion in one of her posts on the EvolutaMente Forum:

“The proponents of this idea believe that vitamin C is a complex consisting of 5 ‘circles’.

The elements within those 5 ‘circles’ may include ascorbic acid, ascorbigen, factor J and factor P; as well as Tyrosinase & copper.

Sometimes you will see rutin listed together with ascorbigen, and factor K and choline listed together with factors J & P.

…Contrary to what most people believe, the molecular structure between synthetic ascorbic acid, and ascorbic acid made naturally in plants and animals are identical.

In standard scientific literature, this imaginary 5 ‘circle’ Whole Food C complex does not exist.

The individual elements, all except factor J, have clearly identified roles in biochemistry, and their biological functions are quite different in plants and animals.”

(I strongly recommend reading the entire post, which investigates the supposed science behind these false claims)

If you look at any study describing how plants and animals make ascorbic acid, they are referring to Vitamin C.

All of this is a long way of saying that ascorbic acid and Vitamin C are the EXACT same thing!

And don’t be fooled by people who try to tell you there are differences between “natural” and “synthetic” ascorbic acid.

Studies have consistently shown they are identical, both in bioavailability and biological activity.

The Only 3 Types Of Ascorbic Acid You Need

If you are using Vitamin C to treat a COVID-19 infection, it is extremely important to select the RIGHT type of Vitamin C.

You also want to avoid any mainstream disinformation outlet who convinces you to avoid using Vitamin C through fear-inducing propaganda:

“A new report from Yonder, a company that dissects popular social media interactions to understand trends, has found that stalwart anti-vaxxers are pushing a narrative that vitamin C can prevent COVID-19.

There is currently no evidence that vitamin C is a treatment or cure for the coronavirus.”

In fact, there are numerous mainstream physicians, researchers and thought leaders advocating the usage of Vitamin C to treat COVID-19 including:


I also received an amazing testimonial from someone who has personally had great success with using Vitamin C:

“Within 4-5 days the 2 guys with the strict protocol of oral Ascorbic Acid diminished all the symptoms to a very light cough. Within 7 days, no cough and brought the Asorbic down to 6-8k grams daily. 


The guy that did the same IV treatment but didn’t want to take the oral, because he’s a hard head, still has the dry cough and had a big episode of cough and light chest pain 2 days after he stopped the IV.


So the Asorbic protocol works and stops the Covid dead on its tracks, i know it, and also protects you if you dont have symptoms.


I have distributed Vit C to around 30 people including family, employees, and friends and i see the wonders it does.”


With so many influential people advocating Vitamin C, anyone dismissing it with statements like “it’s not scientifically proven” or “where are the studies” are only part of the problem and offer nothing toward the solution.

Dismiss such low vibration humans with extreme prejudice and remember those who are contributing to solving the Covid-19 crisis.

Vitamin C in pure ascorbic acid form orally and for severe infections, a combination of oral and IV Sodium Ascorbate is proven to work.

Here are the 3 types of Vitamin C you should have on deck for treating COVID-19:

Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder

This is the best form of ascorbic acid out of the three.

It will be instantly absorbed by the body and fast assimilation will ensure super-saturation of your red blood cells.

High dose ascorbic acid is critically important for proper immune function as it shuts down cytokine storms while enhancing the supply of blood oxygen (via formation of nitric oxide) when COVID-19  is attacking the heme in red blood cells.

Absorption of high quantities of ascorbic acid is done through sodium-dependent vitamin C transporters 1 and 2 (SVCT1 and SVCT2).

Both of these transporters depend on an electrochemical gradient of sodium for the absorption to take place.

To oversimplify the biochemistry, you need two sodium ions to transport a single molecule of ascorbic acid.

This is specific to ascorbic acid, which is why any buffered form (calcium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate, etc.) will not work.

You MUST use pure ascorbic acid as it is the only form fulfilling its role in the redox reactions while being continuously recycled and replenished.

However, there are two exceptions to this rule…

  1. First, if you are on a low-sodium diet, you may have some difficulty with maximally absorbing pure ascorbic acid. In this case, taking a tiny pinch of sea salt with every other dose of ascorbic acid should be sufficient. Individuals who consume normal or higher levels of sodium in their daily diet will not need it (just be very careful if you have hypertension).
  2. Second, people with stomach issues (i.e. not enough stomach acidity) may require a buffered form.

An alternative would be to consume ascorbic acid with an acidic beverage — or anything that will increase stomach acidity.

Doris Loh personally recommends this brand of ascorbic acid for people who are fighting any level of COVID-19 infection.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C is the next best version of ascorbic acid.

For those who struggle to absorb pure ascorbic acid, this is a better option as it is absorbed lower in the gut and slows ascorbic acid uptake (due to its buffered design).

*If you choose Liposomal Vitamin C, make sure it contains ascorbic acid and NOT sodium ascorbate.*

It does not exist frequently, so make sure you find a reliable supplier.

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about picking and using the highest-quality Liposomal Vitamin C.

Sodium Ascorbate

Sodium ascorbate would be best used in an intravenous (IV) transfusion(drip), especially if it is part of a double-pronged approach that involves oral ascorbic acid.

It helps prevent the formation of cell-free hemoglobin, thereby reducing lung damage and systemic inflammation.

Outside of this specific use, there is no reason to use this as a substitute for pure ascorbic acid.

What You MUST Know About Buying Ascorbic Acid


Right now, 99% of the world’s supply of ascorbic acid is made in China.

Doris Loh talked about this in detail on a Facebook post she made in late February:

“50 million grams [i.e. 50 TONNES]. That is how much vitamin C was sent to Wuhan to help their citizens fight COVID-19 on Feb 2nd, 2020.

This is taken from a TWEET by DSM, major manufacture of ascorbic acid in Jiangshan China.

Royal DSM, is a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living that has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Jiangshan.

DSM is the same company that produces high quality ascorbic acid known as Quali-C in Scotland.

According to a trusted professional source, the products from China is of the same quality, but cannot be called ‘Quali-C” due to trade-mark rights”

The differentiating factor is the quality control upheld by each manufacturer.

Even if you choose the same manufacturer, you cannot consistently expect the same level of quality.

Your best bet is to rely on the importer and the retailer who conduct quality control studies to verify the purity of each ascorbic acid shipment.

Therefore, you should source your ascorbic acid from a larger and more reputable company who has the money and manpower to enforce stricter quality control standards.

Outside of this, they are all the same.

Ascorbic acid is the easiest natural supplement to make and the cheapest for consumers to buy.

As long as you source it correctly, you won’t go wrong!

My Recommended Sources For Buying Ascorbic Acid


I’m currently working with my Aseir Custom business partner Nick Andrews on having my own specific pure ascorbic acid products to help people get massive quantities of pure ascorbic acid at an affordable cost.

In the meantime, here are your next best choices for buying ascorbic acid in a red-hot market.

Evolution Botanicals is offering Liposomal Vitamin C in bulk, alongside Chaga Extract.

And if you need a superior buffered form of ascorbic acid(due to one of the reasons listed above) in high dose containers, I recommend buying BioActive C.

In the near future, Doris Loh, myself and Dr Kenneth Wilgers will be doing another Live Stream on Vitamin C with Doris’s new and yet to be revealed research.

Stay tuned!


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