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Asymmetrical Warfare: How to Hold Onto Your Psycho-Spiritual Energy w/Richard Harris

The world has become extremely bifurcated, and the division is clearly between the enslaved and dissonant of human civilization and the resonant and sovereign of human civilization. 

Is it possible to transmute more people from the darkness to the light?

In a world where much of humanity has been hijacked by dark forces, our consciousness is the best weapon we’ve got. 

In this episode, life coach Richard Harris joins me to discuss the state of the world today and how we can avoid getting poisoned.

You can ignore and delete the hate or descend into its dissonant frequency.
-Jay Campbell

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Savage economic collapse
    Are big cities and urban centers headed for destruction?
  2. The hijacking of spirituality
    Do religious teachings disempower people?
  3. What we have that the dark forces don’t
    Why are the demons so hell-bent on destroying us?


Guest Bio

Richard Harris is a life coach.

He has studied and practiced personal development for two decades.

He uses an eclectic model in coaching which finds strategies and tactics to cultivate the character across all domains – physical, psychological, spiritual, and environmental.

Richard is passionate about freedom, and is active in the freedom movement, both online and offline.

He is the enemy of tyranny, both within and without, and an advocate for the best in humanity to grow.

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