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You Can’t Fully Live An Optimized Life Without These 5 Core Beliefs w/Benjamin Brown

If there’s anything the last two years have taught us, it’s that far too many human beings are willing to surrender their autonomy without much resistance.

A large swath of humanity is still externalizing its power, and in that state, it’s hard to truly live an optimized life.

In order to break away from this, you have to set the non-negotiable values and standards that govern your life and keep you from the mental enslavement that’s rife in our culture.

What are some of the values we need to uphold as optimized people? In this episode, we have a repeat guest, back on the show.

Founder of BSL Nutrition, Benjamin Brown shares the 5 core beliefs he’s committed to in his program and why they are so important.

No amount of intermittent fasting will fix the fact that you’re miserable with the life you’re living. -Benjamin Brown

Three Things We Learned 

  1. How the last two years changed couples and families
    Why do we have to fight the urge to hide behind distractions?
  2. How to set a non-negotiable boundary around what’s important
    Devices have excommunicated us from our presence, how do we get it back?
  3. Why so many people hop from program to program with no real change
    How do we actually feel worthy of changing our lives and stop focusing on the wrong issues first?


Guest Bio

Benjamin Brown is the owner and head coach at BSL Nutrition.

BSL Nutrition is an online nutrition & fitness consulting business specializing in designing individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and strength training programs for highly driven men (and a few brave women).

Currently, Benjamin works with both local and long-distance individuals and businesses and he has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks and Golden State Warriors organizations.

For more information, head to and follow @bslnutrition on social media. Listen to the podcast, Smart Nutrition Made Simple here.

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