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The Science of Oneness: How to Tap into The God Within Us All w/Caroline Chang

Abrahamic religious teachings have led us to believe that we hold no power of our own, but the truth is, God is in all of us, and as soon as we understand that, we can transform our lives. 

What would it take for us to be able to identify God in all areas of life, from the tiniest insect, to the trees outside, to ourselves?

Should we aspire to find the God within us, in the first place? 

What would it look like if we lived in a world where all of us honored the Divine within us, rather than allowing trivial, earthly issues to hold us to ransom? 

In this episode, Caroline Chang opens up about how the Science of Oneness helped her to awaken.

The ultimate thing souls want is to remember who they are, which is God. -Caroline Chang

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. Why we need to dispel the myth of God being ‘perfection’
    What would our souls have to aspire to if everything was already perfect as it was?
  2. How religion keeps us in a state of perpetual victimhood
    Is the idea of God being an entity separate from us merely a tool to stop us from unearthing our full power?
  3. The difference between sending love and giving pity
    Once we’ve awoken to our Oneness, judgment is no longer part of our lexicon, but should we ever approach those still asleep from a place of pity?

Guest Bio- 

Caroline Chang is the producer and host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio, a journey that began 7 years ago, 6 months after the transition of her son, Kyle.

Caroline is also the Founder of The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), and Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. 

An inspirational speaker, Caroline gives talks and presentations at many conferences, podcasts, and spiritual centers.

She is also an author, and in addition to her chapter in the newly published book, We Touched Heaven, a collection of experiences that reach beyond the veil, she is in the process of writing her own book.

A touching true story of a mother’s triumph from the devastating transition of her only son; and sharing her journey to Awakening to the TRUTH of who we Truly are as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light.

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