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Loving ALL: How to Live Life As Love Itself w/Biji and Mikko Carrea

We talk about love all the time, but if we want to truly become the embodiment of that love, we have to become more conscious about it. 

How can we get to a point where giving our love is a given, with no strings attached? What will it take to become more comfortable receiving love from others? 

In this episode, co-founders of LoveAll 5D, LLC, Mikko and Biji Carrea share how to find love in everything.

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Love is something you can magnetize through your healing. -Biji Carrea

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to manifest our perfect mates
    Is there a way to attract our ideal life partners into our worlds, so we can cut out all the background noise and truly start living a life of unconditional love?
  2. The key to loving everyone
    How can we get to a place of grace and non-judgment where loving everyone becomes second nature?
  3. How to raise our kids to speak from a higher level
    Attempting to raise another being’s consciousness is an act of spiritual violence, but as parents, is there a way to equip our children with the tools they need to speak from a place of love?

Guest Bio- 

Through frequency alignment, Mikko & Biji guide awakening beings to deepen their self love and liberate their highest self so they can access all possibilities and consciously create on the New Earth. They are frequency alchemists and practicing Siddhis, a term given for Spiritual mastery obtained through rigorous and accomplished conscious practices. Together, they have over 16 hours of combined Siddhi Spiritual Practice. Mikko and Biji channel pure Source Love frequency, they call Avaala, to guide awakening beings to deepen self love and liberate the highest self.

In recent years, Mikko and Biji have focused their energetic prowess on launching LoveAll 5D, a conscious company specializing in self mastery, transformational healing and multidimensional media. Along the way, they have attracted other members of their Soul family into this New Earth quantum business and now operate it from beautiful Costa Rica.

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