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3D Debris: How to Invite the Pain In and Pull Out Your Purpose w/Charles Clay

In our society, pain, triggers, fears and wounds are things to be suppressed, avoided, and covered up.

Unfortunately, that approach not only prolongs suffering, it also robs us of all the gifts we get from those experiences.

If we want to build our creative consciousness and find our purpose, examining our debris is necessary.

How do we practice productive self-inquiry when we’re dealing with pain?

In this episode, I’m joined by Inner Peace Coach and Healer, Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist, Creator of The Laser Focus Method and The Inner-Peace Process, Charles Clay.

He shares a better way to deal with pain and how to pull valuable data from our wounds.

Anxiety is avoidance and fear and not trusting in the process and flow of life. It’s actually a friend sharing an important message. -Charles Clay

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Step into the creative consciousness
    Our greatest assets are our attention and our energy. How do we invest them accordingly?
  2. Take time away from brain scramblers
    We’re one with nature, which means it has the power to heal us. How do we access that connection on a more consistent basis?
  3. Invite anxiety in
    How do we stop treating anxiety as the enemy and welcome it like an old friend with an important message?


Guest Bio

Charles Clay is an Inner Peace Coach and Healer, Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist, and Creator of The Laser Focus Method & The Inner-Peace Process.

With an extensive background in Kinesiology and natural healing modalities, Charles offers high-level coaching and the step-by-step Inner-Peace Process for releasing internal blocks, unprocessed emotions, and negative subconscious beliefs that keep people feeling stuck.

This guided process helps with resolving the source of pain, anxiety, and even addictions by healing childhood trauma and multi-generational wounds so they don’t have to be passed down to our children.

For more information, and to get a free Guided Alignment Activation and SovereignChi head to and subscribe.

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