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Episode 300: Danny Vega on Protecting Humanity In A Time of Widespread Bifurcation and Turmoil

We’re in an age of intense bifurcation, rapidly hurtling towards a transhumanist reality.

The question is, is there anything we can do to stop it?

How are the darker powers trying to steer us in the direction of dystopia?

Who are ‘they,’ in the first place?

In honor of my 300th episode(between The TOT Revolution and JayC PC’s), co-founder of Fat Fueled Family, Danny Vega returns to the show to share how to reclaim and maintain our sovereignty in an era of chaos. 

#Resonance = To preserve the empowered, sovereign and free component of human beings.

-Jay Campbell

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to break free from our fear of death
    How have mainstream narratives shaped the way we perceive death, and how can we start taking steps towards a shift in perspective?
  2. How to truly connect with a Higher Power
    If organized religion has led us astray from a true higher consciousness, how should we be connecting with our life source?
  3. The key to greater self reliance
    How can we safeguard ourselves against the threat of tyranny, no matter what form it may come in?

Guest Bio- 

Danny Vega is the co-founder of Fat Fueled Family, a podcast, blog and Youtube channel dedicated to helping families grow closer together through better health.

A former collegiate Strength and Conditioning coordinator, Danny has an impressive track record in the health and fitness space.

A keto fan since 2016, today, Danny is passionate about helping others adapt to the lifestyle so they can live life to the fullest, every single day. 

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