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Does Genetic Inheritance Make You Fat?

The question of how genetics affect bodyweight and body composition is a major one being studied in science right now. If you want to know what kind of physique you are likely to have as an adult, there is a VERY accurate way to find this out. What was your parent’s health when they conceived you? See, there is this thing called “epigenetics”. It means genetics that are variable and can be changed. Your genetic code is NOT set at all. And how much of it is changeable isn’t known.

Of the part of the Human Genome that is uniquely human (meaning the DNA that only homo sapiens have and that distinguishes us from apes), its estimated that up to 20% of this may be changeable. That pretty insane, but it makes sense. Why else would people that live unhealthy lifestyles die sooner? Or get cancer? Why do overweight people have overweight children? Why are certain diseases hereditary? Why are children who have healthy parents more likely to be smarter and more athletic than people who are overweight/obese when they conceive children? Fundamentally, these things all have a genetic component. And I could literally give infinite scenarios.

What affects your genetics? Or better question, what can YOU do to affect to positively affect your genetics? Simple answer. Diet. Exercise. Lifestyle. Not very sexy, can’t be bottled and turned into a pill, and I have no quick fix to sell you. But that is what it takes. If you want maximize lifespan, quality of life, and conceive healthy children, you must eat clean, live lean, and train mean. That all rhymes and sound catchy, FYI. Every decision you make affects your health, and your life. So make good decisions. I believe you can. If you’re not sure how, check out my recently revised novella “Understanding Metabolism”, it is short and easy to read, and it lays out the absolute basics of health that most people never actually learn.


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