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The Critical Thinking Crisis: How to Understand What Influences Our Decisions w/Jason Rosander

There’s a crisis in critical thinking – not enough people in this world have it.

Most people blindly do things without knowing the reasons behind their actions.

Is it to follow the crowd, because of the conditioning of our childhood, or because we just don’t have self-awareness?

How do we start to shift how we think so we become more aware?

Why do we need both intellect and intuition?

In this episode, veteran, trainer, and author of The Mind is a Prison, Jason Rosander returns to talk about the power of critical thinking and how to tap into it.

Fear can become your guiding arrow without you knowing it. -Jason Rosander

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Context, not just content
    It’s easy to focus on the minutiae of our lives, how do we see the bigger picture we fit into?
  2. Engineered into oblivion
    We’re living in an environment of sheer terror, how do we fight back?
  3. Joy can be as simple as a thought
    How do we break out of negative thought and emotional patterns?


Guest Bio

Jason is a veteran, former federal law enforcement officer, trainer, mountain athlete and the author of “The Mind is a Prison”.

After his mother was murdered while serving in Afghanistan, and an injury that led him to question many things about life, Jason became a student of the mind, and why we do what we do.

Specifically, he wanted to understand why we are all so tormented by it.

The path was long but has led him here.

For more information, head to and subscribe to his newsletter on Substack.

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