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Uforia: Genetically Guided Nutrition & Personalized Supplementation w/ Joel Guerin

Genetic testing has advanced so much that people can learn a lot about themselves at the touch of a button, and for less than $100.

The only challenge is, a lot of people struggle with what to do with the information they get, which takes away from the value.

This is where Uforia comes in, the genetically guided nutrition and supplement program makes genetically-based optimization dummy-proof.

What makes Uforia different from traditional methods, and what does it mean for the sick care model?

On this episode, Uforia product expert and practition program director, Joel Guerin, shares on the product and how it will revolutionize healthcare and nutrition.  

Uforia is very-specific and personalized by compounding the formula that is literally made just for your body. -Joel Guerin

Three Takeaways

The biggest problem in our system is us. We have healthcare problems that are self-created through lifestyle choices. What makes this system worse is how our traditional system fails to focus attention or resources on wellness. When it comes to weightlifting, it’s more about quality than quantity and how long you can keep a joint lubricated. As we get older, we lose joint hydration, so our focus should be on smart training to protect our joints.

The existing science of supplementation is perfectly valid, and it’s beneficial, but it doesn’t go far enough because not everything we need is defined by a deficiency.

Uforia allows us to focus on lifestyle and wellness, using a tailored formula which helps you start rolling back the self-induced conditions that threaten our health.

On this episode, Joel Guerin shared how he got started, how Uforia works, and what sets it apart from the rest of the genetic testing methods. We also talked about how the shifts in our lifestyles have been detrimental to our health, and the importance of taking a wellness approach.

We also discussed:

  • Why many of the health epidemics we’re facing are self-inflicted
  • The problem with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept in our nutritional system  
  • The 3-step process Uforia uses

Guest Bio-

Joel is the Director of the Practition program at Uforia, a customized genetically-guided nutrition and supplement company for Healthcare Practitioners.

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