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Healing Humanity: How Can We Overcome the Lasting Legacy of Disunity? w/Joy Scott

The intense polarization that has taken hold of our world across political, social and cultural lines has had a devastating effect on humankind. 

Just how much damage has been done, and will we ever truly heal from it?

Where has the division come from and what can we do to get back on track to greater unity?

In this episode, author of Magenta Nation, Joy Scott shares how the human race can get back on track to humanity. 

If we all joined forces with directing our thoughts, what an incredible impact we’d make. -Joy Scott


Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to overcome the forces trying to divide us
    What can we do to bridge the divide within our own families? Is it even possible to maintain relationships when polarization has become the norm?
  2. The key to dealing with fear-based division
    Telling someone their reactions to the present reality are fear-based isn’t helpful for anyone involved. What should we do instead?
  3. How to contribute towards a positive change
    Setting a group intention to improve consciousness is the key to real change, but that takes time. How can we start taking steps forward as individuals in the interim?

Guest Bio- 

Joy Scott is the author of Magenta Nation.

A re-born activist and lifelong spiritualist, Joy is passionate about bringing greater awareness to the power of spirit and cooperation to bring about much-needed healing for ourselves as individuals, and for America, more broadly.

Joy is also the host of the Magenta Nation podcast, dedicated to helping listeners form their own opinions on topics on which most people disagree, so we can get better at having real conversations with others, regardless of our personal views.


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