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Rise of The Cyber Satan: Staying Sovereign in the Age of Algorithmic Morality w/Leo Zagami

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the elites’ mission of total domination and destruction is well under way. Look no further than all the odd occurrences happening across the globe, right in front of our eyes.

The elites are on a mission to eliminate humanity, and now they have modern technology in their arsenal.

What’s worse is people are welcoming it with open arms – signing up for their own subjugation and ultimately demonic demise.

How can we defend ourselves against this algorithmic mentality and morality that’s being imposed on us by the system?

In this episode, author Leo Zagami returns to talk about his latest release, Confessions of An Illuminati Volume 9, and why it’s his most important and urgent offering yet.

It’s not just about enslaving humanity, it’s about eliminating it. -Leo Zagami

Three Things We Learned 

  1. Operation Trojan Horse
    Are the elites disguising their operation of control and destruction as something more benign and normal?
  2. The censorship and sabotage of the aware
    If you’re clued in on what’s happening, how will the system attempt to destroy you?
  3. Nothing is safe
    Can cryptocurrency protect your money from the reach of the elites?

Guest Bio

Leo Zagami has written over a dozen books, including the best seller Pope Francis: The Last Pope? released in the U.S. by CCC Publishing.

In 2019, Leo moved to Palm Springs, California with his wife, Christy, who runs Cursum Perficio publishing house.

His trilogy and other books were bestsellers in Italy and Japan a few years earlier.

This book, like Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6.66, and Volume 7 has been written entirely in the English language, and not translated from Italian.

Volume 9 stands alone in his Confessions series as it can be studied without having read any other books by the author.

A world-renowned authority on the occult side of the Vatican and the real Illuminati, Zagami is exposing for the first time in Volume 9, with the help of confidential documents and qualified sources, the secret plan of the elite for the establishment of a New Golden Age, built with the help of an alien AI aka Cyber Satan to enslave mankind and turn the elite into gods by 2030, before the inevitable divine retribution.

This extraordinary journey, divided into seven imaginary steps, will lead you bit by bit, like no one has done before, into the untold secrets of this increasingly dystopian reality the author branded: “New World Disorder.”

The author goes on to unveil in this book the Illuminati’s involvement with Transhumanism, their quest for immortality, the Codex Alimentarius and insect witchcraft, the shocking reality of cultured meat, and most of all, what Freemasonry and the Illuminati have been teaching in secret about Jesus, and the Gnostic heresies that will produce the Quantum Prince of Darkness that will enslave humanity.

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