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The Only Person Who Can Heal Your Mental Health is YOU w/Linda Bonnar

As the world continues to operate in its collective dark night of the soul, more people are experiencing poor mental health than ever before. 

For many, this has only contributed to existing feelings of helplessness, and it’s caused us to question: can we move beyond this?

What would it take for us to heal from the trauma of our present reality? 

In this episode, Breakthrough Imposter Syndrome Coach and author, Linda Bonnar shares the key to overcoming anguish in a time that’s become synonymous with doom and gloom thinking. 

As long as you want to heal, you’ll find the steps to do so. -Linda Bonnar

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy
    Is it possible to totally block out the doom and gloom narratives that seem to have taken over our worlds?
  2. How intergenerational trauma affects us in times of turmoil
    How much of the anguish we face is really our own, and how much of it has been informed by the experiences of our ancestors?
  3. 1 thing stopping people from healing from their trauma
    Dealing with worry, anxiety and depression is never an ‘easy’ process, but it is a simple one, so what’s preventing us from dealing with it and moving past it, once and for all?

Guest Bio- 

Linda Bonnar is a Breakthrough Imposter Syndrome Coach, Life Coach and author.

Passionate about Mental Health, Linda uses training, talks and workshops alike to break through the stigmas that continue to surround issues like anxiety and depression.

In addition to her highly respected books, Press Play and Just Three Things, Linda has written for a number of publications, including SHAPE Middle East, Women’s Health Middle East and The National, among many others. 

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