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The Power of Adding Infrared Sauna Therapy to Your Optimization Arsenal w/Richard Ori

Our bodies are constantly exposed to environmental toxins from the food we eat, the products we use, and even the air we breathe. 

Any conversation about optimization is incomplete if we’re not actively working to release those toxins from our bodies.

Unless we have a way to detoxify our bodies, we’ll stay stuck in a cycle of inflammation, disease, and destruction. 

Sweating is our body’s natural mechanism for releasing toxins, and a powerful way to combat the environmental poisons around us.

The best way to implement a detoxification routine is through an infrared heat therapy sauna.

This therapy will impact every area of our health including joint health, weight management, aging, and recovery. 

How does sauna therapy boost our optimization?

How can we use an in-home infrared sauna in our daily routines? 

In this episode, sauna expert, Richard Ori talks about how sauna therapy works and the benefit of having a sauna in your home. 

Our bodies build up toxins from pollution. Vigorous sweating is key to getting those toxins out of the body. Sauna resets your body, mind, psyche, and outlook. It’s a concert of perfect health.
-Richard Ori  


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. The difference between heat therapy sauna and infrared therapy sauna
    Conventional heat therapy is the application of surface heat to the body, which leads to perspiration on the surface level. It’s what you would find in a gym sauna. Infrared is a light wave that penetrates deeper into the fat layers of the body to push out toxins.
  2. Why vigorous sweating needs to be part of our optimization
    The toxins we accumulate from our environment get stuck in our bodies and exacerbate inflammation. If we don’t get rid of the toxins in our bodies, we won’t get the full benefit of everything else we do to optimize our health.
  3. How infrared sauna therapy works
    The light waves of an infrared sauna create heat that penetrates your body and pushes toxins out through the pores. Using a sauna regularly will massively improve vascular and arterial flow and cleanse your blood and vascular networks.

Guest Bio- 

Richard Ori is an inventor, sauna expert, and director at Spiritual Quest.

For many years, the deep penetrating heat from infrared saunas has been known to be beneficial to soothing aching muscles and reducing stress.

Recently, people have hailed the health benefits of negative ions created by salt caves for immune deficiencies, asthma, and allergy sufferers.

Together, the sauna and salt cave provide a vigorous body detox.

Today, SpiritualQuest combines the infrared sauna experience with the benefits of a Himalayan salt cave right in the comfort of your home.

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