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Dr. Travis Zigler is on a Mission to Provide Optimal Eye Health for ALL

Our eyes play a vital role in our very being, but with all the intricacies of everyday life, we tend to take them for granted, and often, we only start actively thinking about them once we experience vision problems or pain. 

How can we start getting more intentional about our eye health now, so we deal with fewer problems later?

How many visual impairments can be treated, once we’ve started experiencing them?

In this episode, SeeEO of Eye Love, LLC, Dr Travis Zigler explains how to take better care of our eyes. 

My challenge to you, starting tonight, is this: for a week, shut off all electronics an hour before bed, read a paper book and see how your sleep changes. -Dr Travis Zigler 


Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The truth about blue light
    It seems like everywhere we look, new products designed to filter blue light are being developed.
    Just how effective are these products, and is blue light really that dangerous?
  2. How to give our eyes a break before bed
    How can we create a routine that keeps our eyes from straining and fosters better sleep?
  3. Why we’re seeing an increase in meibomian dropout in younger people
    What causes meibomian dysfunction and dropout, why is it affecting children and teenagers more than ever before- and what can we do about it?


Guest Bio- 

Dr Travis Zigler is the SeeEO of Eye Love, LLC. A Doctor of Optometry, Dr Travis is passionate about helping people see without ailment, and without pain. He is also a philanthropist, and alongside his wife, Dr Jenny Zigler, he has made countless mission trips to Jamaica, Ecuador and Mexico to ensure even those in the most isolated communities have access to glasses. Dr Travis is the co-host of the The Dry Eye Show podcast, and outside of optometry, he is the CEO of Profitable Pineapple Ads.


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