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Leaning Into Human BEINGness Is As Simple As Staying Still w/Udo Erasmus

Many of us are on a journey to find peace and raise our consciousness, but the majority of the time, we’re going about it the wrong way

When we put pressure on ourselves to ‘find’ stillness, we’re really just contradicting ourselves. We can’t expect to get in touch with our beingness by constantly doing.

So, what does it really take to reconnect with our inner peace? Is that even possible, when we live in a world full of distractions? 

In this episode, the legendary author and founder of Udo’s Choice, Udo Erasmus shares how to unearth the peace already within all of us. 

You can be without doing, but you can’t do without being, so obviously, being is the foundation. -Udo Erasmus

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. How to cultivate a newfound appreciation for life
    What is the true meaning of life, and how can we make the most of that?
  2. The truth about ‘dark’ forces
    If the entire foundation of life is grounded in peace, can there truly be a ‘dark’ side?
  3. How to enjoy stillness
    How can we learn to sit in and embrace stillness when we’ve been conditioned to operate in a fast-paced world?

Guest Bio- 

The legendary Udo Erasmus is the co-founder of Udo’s Choice line, which can be found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide.

Udo designed the machinery for making oils with health in mind and pioneered flax oil, a billion dollar industry.

However, Udo walked a difficult path to become the man he is today; being a child of war, Udo’s life began with intense struggle.

As an adult, he got pesticide poisoning in 1980, leaving doctors at a loss regarding treatment.

Deciding to take his health into his own hands, Udo began researching, and his discoveries led him to a passion for finding the answers to life’s big questions which would hopefully one day bring him and the world peace.

Today, Udo is an acclaimed speaker and author of many books, including the best-selling Fats That Heal Fats That Kill, which has sold over 250,000 copies.

He teaches at events hosted by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, has keynoted an international brain health conference, and has traveled to over 30 countries to conduct thousands of live presentations, media interviews, and staff trainings impacting more than 25,000,000 lives with his message on oils, health, peace, nature, and human nature.

Udo has an extensive education in biochemistry, genetics, biology, and nutrition, including a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

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