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How to Protect Humanity from the Brink of its Demise w/Wayne Herschel

Our world is on the brink of catastrophe, and people across the globe are experiencing absolute trauma in a variety of forms. The question is, can we get past this? 

As Children of the Light, we tend to be optimistic about the possibility of the dawn of a Golden Age.

However, with what seems to be newer, bigger challenges thrown our way every single day, many have begun to question if we’re too far gone. 

Are we simply experiencing the undoing of the third dimension, or are we in greater danger than we could have imagined?

In this episode, author of The Hidden Records trilogy, Wayne Herschel shares his views on the state of civilization.

We have to change and stop fighting each other. -Wayne Herschel

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. What puts human beings at an immediate disadvantage
    Are the human beings of today a weaker version of our ancient Ancestors, and what would that mean for our chances of survival?
  2. Why the threats we face today are just the tip of the iceberg
    Are illness and war really the biggest threats to our present reality, or is there something deeper at play?
  3. 1 thing stopping us from understanding the full gravity of our reality
    How are truths being concealed from us, and what can we do to unearth them?

Guest Bio- 

Wayne Herschel is the author of The Hidden Records trilogy and it’s latest addition, Herschel’s Atlantis – Countdown to 2027.

Wayne witnessed a now-highly publicized V-shaped UFO during his childhood in Southern Africa, and he’s been a devotee to understanding the unexplained and mysterious, ever since.

His latest work, Herschel’s Atlantis details his discovery and proof of one of the world’s greatest enigmas, what led to its demise, and the effect it has had on the world we know today. 

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