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Nutrition Solutions: The Healthiest, Highest-Quality, Best-Tasting Meal Prep Delivery Service In America

Meal prep companies have exploded in popularity thanks to the growing number of work-from-home individuals and the gig economy at large.

But the question remains: Which one should you be using and why?

After being solicited by dozens of these companies…

Growing heavily unhappy with the quality of food I get in the grocery store and at restaurants…

And being unable to find a company that truly understands the needs and desires of a fully optimized, hormonally healthy biohacker like myself…

… I think I found my answer and its name is Nutrition Solutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the guys to go to if you want healthy, holistic, nutritious meals delivered to your home.

Their extraordinarily high-quality meal plan delivery service is specially designed for people who are interested in building muscle or losing fat.

All without the usual hassle of making the trip to the grocery store, buying all the ingredients, cooking them at home, and cleaning all the dishes when you’re done.

No matter what your goals are, their pre-made healthy meals are DA BOMB and they offer the best customer service bar none.

But before you pull the trigger and order several boxes, keep reading to see why Nutrition Solutions is my #1 choice (and will soon be yours too).


Who Is Chris Cavallini, CEO Of Nutrition Solutions?

Chris Cavallini Head Shot

I want to start off this review by diving deeper into the life story of Chris Cavallini, who founded the company all the way back in 2012:

Check out our recent podcast!

Chris didn’t have the greatest start to his life, having faced every kind of abuse imaginable from a very young age.

Born to a drug-addicted mother who was just 16 years old at the time and having been abandoned by his biological father before birth, most people would simply give up and call it quits before his life even started.

Imagine going in and out of foster homes, group homes, detention centers and jail cells for the first 18 years of your life… all while accumulating a total of 17 arrests.

It got to the point where in his senior year of high school, the judge gave him a final ultimatum: Go to the military or go to jail.

Chris wised up and picked the former, joining the Navy to become a deep sea diver (a program with a brutal 70% attrition rate).

This life-changing decision exposed him to an elite community that taught him about the basic necessities needed for any man to succeed in the modern world: Discipline, honor, integrity, integrity, and a sharp eye for details.

The never-ending imbuement of these qualities is the bedrock of how Chris runs his company, all while incorporating values such as discipline, hard work, teamwork, and winning.

So how did all of this lead to Chris creating the 8-figure behemoth that is poised to grow even more aggressively than last year?

Luckily for him, he always had an unbreakable passion for the fitness game since the age of 14.

Lifting weights was an outlet that helped him feel significant during a time when other people didn’t see much in him, and it was love at first sight.

Five years after leaving the military, Chris was looking for one thing: An outlet for nutrition.

More specifically, he wanted someone to procure his meals so he didn’t have to cook, learn about the intricacies of nutrition, or count macros… all while getting into the best shape of his life as efficiently and simply as possible.

He sought out a local catering company and asked if they could make a set amount of meals each week for him and his group of friends who were also heavily invested into physical fitness.

From there, a mere side hustle turned into Nutrition Solutions as we know it today.

And the name was chosen because that’s what his company ultimately is:

A solution to becoming the HEALTHIEST, FITTEST, most DOMINANT version of YOU possible!

To date, Nutrition Solutions has helped well over 80,000 people (and counting) achieve insane transformations within short periods of time.

Notable endorsements and past clients include:

But don’t be intimidated by this list.

Nutrition Solutions isn’t just limited to Fortune 500 executives and elite professional athletes.

Chris and his team have had clients ranging anywhere from petite females seeking to lose those last 10-15lbs to morbidly obese +500lbs trainwrecks who could not stop eating themselves to death.

Clients have experienced dramatic transformations from 80 pounds in 3 months to 300 pounds in 18 months…

… and unlike past efforts, the weight stayed off for good and never came back.

A big part of the reason why this is possible comes down to the incredible level of guidance and support provided by Nutrition Solutions’ highly successful fitness coaching.

But it also had a lot to do with the organic, fat-destroying yet incredibly delicious meals they provided.

Which is what you’re going to learn more about below.


Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Meals From Nutrition Solutions (And Nobody Else)


The Highest-Quality Ingredient Selection


One of the main points I brought up in my podcast with Chris was how contaminated the American food supply is, so much so that you can’t even go out to fine-dining restaurants.

You can literally taste all of the chemicals in even the “healthy” choices and you get the nasty after-taste 10 minutes after finishing a meal.

We can talk all day about how the Standard American Diet (SAD) your average person eats is full of ultra-processed foods laced with generous amounts of chemical additives, toxic seed oils, refined sugars, and God-knows-what-else.

But the real conversation people aren’t having is just how contaminated the American food supply is.

Chris wrote two great articles (here and here) on what you’ll find in fast food nowadays — pubic hair, dyes, feces, anti-freeze, blood vessels, and the list goes on.

That’s on top of our constant never-ending exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) everywhere we go… even something as simple as going for a jog will expose you to high levels of air pollution!

It’s no wonder why we have a global obesity crisis on our hands right now taking the lives of millions of people every year.

HOWEVER… we can no longer use this as an excuse to be a metabolically dysfunctional dumpster fire.

As Chris so eloquently put it, this is the way the world is and there’s no changing it.

Our country monetized poisoning its residents, and it sucks, but understanding the rules of the 3D matrix allows us to maneuver around them and find a way to ALWAYS get quality nutrition.

And that brings me to the #1 thing that attracted me most to Nutrition Solutions: They maintain RUTHLESS standards in their food quality.

You’ll find nothing here except wholesome, organic, mostly grass-fed, wild-caught, sustainable ingredients.

Here’s just a taste (no pun intended) of what goes into every meal:

  • Grass-fed / grass-finished beef: Higher protein and lower calories while containing high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and other health-optimizing nutrients (go here to learn about the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed meats)
  • Organic, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables: No chemical preservatives to lengthen shelf life, synthetic pesticides,  or fertilizers are found here… not to mention they taste better and are far more nutrient-dense than non-organic produce
  • Poultry free of hormones and antibiotics: As I mentioned in 30 Days 2 Shredz, most poultry is highly contaminated, which is why Nutrition Solutions’ chicken is the superior choice for your immune system and for getting in higher-quality protein. 
  • Organic eggs: These eggs have higher vitamin and micronutrient density — i.e. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E — than non-organic eggs (go here to read up on the difference between the two)
  • Organ meats like liver and bone marrow: The abundance of high-quality bioavailable nutrients means these meats can deliver better on their promised health benefits (lower inflammation, clearer skin, better mental health, building up stem cells, reduced signs of aging, etc.)
  • No GMO whatsoever: Say goodbye to consuming toxic seed oils and harmful chemicals, as all of Nutrition Solutions’ meals are cooked with either organic coconut oil or organic extra virgin olive oil

I didn’t even get to mention the premium-quality protein superfoods they have in stock, such as their grass-fed elk, bison, lamb and venison.

Every ingredient is very carefully and strategically sourced from several vendors who Chris has spent several years building close relationships with.

Nutrition Solutions will NEVER run out of these high-quality ingredients, even as they are producing tens of thousands of meals every single week to go out all across the nation.

Good luck finding those kinds of high nutritional standards anywhere else!

Fully Optimized Meal Plans Catered To Your Fitness Goals, No Matter How Big Or Small


Nutrition Solutions currently offers four meal plans for people whose primary goal is fat loss:

  • Shred Barbarian: 12 high-protein meals that come in the form of 10 entrees and 2 breakfasts
  • Shred Spartan: 20 high-protein meals that come in the form of 15 entrees and 5 breakfasts
  • Shred Spartan Plus: 20 high-protein meals that come in the form of 20 entrees
  • Shred Greek God: 28 high-protein meals that come in the form of 21 entrees and 7 breakfasts

The average macronutrient profile for each meal comes out to 420 calories, 33 grams of protein, 35 grams of carbs, and 14 grams of fat.

Shred Spartan is the best choice for people who are new to the fitness game and do not want to do any meal prep whatsoever.

Whereas Shred Barbarian is better suited for experienced fitness enthusiasts who want to do some of their own cooking.

There are also four meal plans for people whose primary goal is muscle gain:

  • Beast Barbarian: 12 high-protein meals that come in the form of 10 entrees and 2 breakfasts
  • Beast Spartan: 20 high-protein meals that come in the form of 15 entrees and 5 breakfasts
  • Beast Spartan Plus: 20 high-protein meals that come in the form of 20 entrees
  • Beast Greek God: 28 high-protein meals that come in the form of 21 entrees and 7 breakfasts

The average macronutrient profile for each meal comes out to 600 calories, 55 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs, and 23 grams of fat.

Nutrition Solutions recommends Beast Spartan is the best choice for fitness newbies who have no intention of doing any of their own cooking.

Likewise, Beast Barbarian is better suited for people who are already deep in the world of fitness and don’t mind doing some of their own meal prep.

Every meal will come with a full nutritional label (calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, sodium, etc.) to help you stay on-plan with whatever dietary regimen you are following.

No matter which plan you choose, you can always make adjustments at any time to best fit your current lifestyle situation.

The plans aren’t meant to cover a set amount of days, but rather your level of commitment and the investment in time you are willing to put into preparing your own meals (or not).

Keep in mind the macronutrient ratios you see with each meal are no mere accident — it’s the sweet spot that takes care of the largest demographic while providing clients with options to best support their current lifestyle and eating schedule/frequency.

All while ensuring people can easily hit their protein goals with the healthiest macro-friendly meals you’ll get anywhere in the USA.

An Always-Rotating Weekly Menu Of Flavorful Meals


Here’s a preview of a menu Nutrition Solutions will typically send out to their clients the week before it is set to be delivered to their homes:

And just to whet your appetite even further, here’s an older menu I was able to find from 2018:

Definitely not the type of diet you would ever want to cheat on, which brings me to my next favorite thing about Nutrition Solutions…

An Endless Variety Of Nutritious, Mouth-Watering Dietary Options


In Chris’ decades-long experience with fitness and helping clients achieve extraordinary transformations, he pinpointed the #1 reason why 95% of people who start a diet are guaranteed to fail:

Not because of a lack of discipline, but out of a lack of enjoyment that makes consistency with a diet unachievable.

To be more exact, Chris strongly believes there are two keys to success with any nutrition program: Variety and mental stimulation.

Healthy food should NOT have to taste like cardboard, and it does not have to be six meals of boiled grilled chicken, bland vegetables and plain rice every day for months on end.

It is entirely possible to incorporate a diverse range of foods and drinks that taste awesome and are equally supportive of fully optimized health.

This isn’t too far off from my principle of metabolic flexibility, which allows anyone to avoid the temptation of ultra-processed junk while enjoying the foods they love.

Take a look at some of the meals offered by Nutrition Solutions that just look like they are exploding with flavor:

Chipotle Lime Grass Fed Beef: Grass fed ground beef, white rice, beets, goat cheese
Blueberry Swirl Protein Bar: Organic eggs, whey isolate protein, blueberries, coconut oil, whole wheat flour, Truvia
Cilantro Lime Flank Steak: Flank steak, cauliflower mash, tri color carrots, cilantro marinade

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting awfully ravenous just looking at those pics!

Total Subscription Flexibility


Every client is placed into a flexible weekly subscription model that can be adjusted to their ongoing needs and life circumstances.

No obligations, no contracts, no minimum time commitments.

Here’s how the process works:

  • You get charged immediately upon signing up, and every week after that you will be charged every Wednesday night for the upcoming week.
  • You will receive a new menu every week and have the option to exclude certain meals or do nothing and receive Nutrition Solutions’ rotating menus on autopilot
  • Subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time between Monday 3pm EST and Wednesday 5pm EST for the week BEFORE shipping (i.e. the following week, not the same week).

Just log in to your account via the membership site, make your requests and the Nutrition Solutions team will take care of everything else.

In the worst-case scenario, there is a guarantee which refunds the last week billed if you are not satisfied and wish to cancel your subscription.

All a part of helping you stay consistent and making your life as easy as possible.

What could you possibly have to lose?


Long-Lasting Freshness


Nutrition Solutions prepares every meal fresh and ships tens of thousands of them across the country every week.

This is made possible through an expensive investment in state-of-the-art technology that allows them to deliver your meals in vacuum-sealed containers.

For you, this means:

  • Improved taste and flavor by holding in the flavor, seasoning, marinades, and moisture of the food 
  • No bacteria buildup or buildup of mold and fungus, preventing premature food spoiling
  • Removal of most oxygen and air exposure, allowing for longer preservation on the way to your home and a longer shelf life your refrigerator or freezer
  • No freezer burn, which usually ruins the texture and taste of whatever is in the container

Every Nutrition Solutions meal can last in the refrigerator for up to 7-10 days and up to 3 months in the freezer.

When you receive your meals, you’ll find them packed with dry ice and heavy insulation to keep them protected during transit.

Just make sure you put meals in the refrigerator immediately upon receiving them, or freeze them before the “Freeze By” date indicated on the meal package.


FREE Overnight Shipping, USA-Wide


All Nutrition Solutions orders are shipped overnight so they arrive at your house in the shortest period of time to maintain the highest standards of food quality and safety.

And did I mention this is FREE for life to all new clients of Nutrition Solutions?

You can’t imagine how expensive it is to send off a big box of 20-24 client-customized, high-protein nutrient-dense meals across the country.

Could Nutrition Solutions have higher profit margins by simply offering 2-day shipping like most meal prep companies do?

They could… but it’s an intentional company decision made to set themselves even further apart from their competitors.


Exceptional Customer Service


As you can tell from Chris’ background and life philosophy, Nutrition Solutions isn’t just your average meal delivery service.

What you’re really investing in is an ecosystem centered around personal development and accountability.

When you have an unexpected challenge come up, you can feel comfortable knowing you have the support of a world-class team highly qualified to get you from point A to B as fast as possible:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified lifestyle coaches specializing in fitness 
  • Knowledgeable weight loss experts
  • Accredited nutrition coaches
  • Behavioral change specialists

They are trained rigorously to keep clients motivated and inspired on their journey toward becoming the absolute best and highest versions of themselves.

Whether it’s for losing 100lbs of body fat or answering a small question about an order, the support you receive is unparalleled to the lengths any other meal prep company will go to service their clients.


Unadvertised Client Bonuses


Here’s an example of how Nutrition Solutions goes above and beyond for everybody in their ecosystem…

Although it’s not written anywhere on the official menu plan, clients will get a FREE “Clean Cheatz” donut made fresh with organic ingredients (and 23 grams of grass-fed protein) included in every order for as long as they stick with Nutrition Solutions.

All of the amazing taste of a normal donut and the high protein required to support optimal health with none of the guilt or bloat!

I won’t spoil the rest of them here, but just know this company works tirelessly to separate itself from its competitors to give its customers the best experience possible.

The “Love It Or We’ll Buy It Back” Guarantee


If you are anything less than completely satisfied with your order in the first 7 days of receiving it, you will receive a FULL no-questions-asked refund

Nutrition Solutions is that confident they are providing you with a minimum guarantee of the world’s healthiest, most delicious high-protein meals and the results they provide.

And I would have to agree as someone who has had them numerous times… infinitely better quality and taste than any high-end restaurant I’ve been to so far in Tampa!

Commonly Asked Questions About Nutrition Solutions’ Meal Delivery Service


Q: The prices on your website seem awfully expensive. Why can’t I just buy these ingredients myself and prep them for a fraction of the price? 

A: I’ll hand the mic over to Chris and let him handle this as it’s by far the most common question he receives from prospective clients and customers…

“Are you buying grass-fed beef and filet mignon, preparing it by yourself and having it for lunch five days a week at $13 per meal? I bet you’re not, because our clients are. Most fast food meals you see today cost way more than that.

And when’s the last time you got a filet mignon meal for that price? You never has and nobody ever has because you can’t do it. 

We can because we buy it in such bulk that we can extend those savings onto our clients. You’re not getting boiled bland chicken breast slapped together with watery vegetables and cheap rice.

Whether it’s the filet mignon, elk, venison, or any of the high-quality premium ingredients you use, you cannot and will not get another meal anywhere comparable for that price point. 

Yes, Nutrition Solutions is not merely an expense but an investment.

Not just into your quality of life, but also into the time you save and the fat loss, muscle building, or optimized wellness you will experience if you stay consistent with the process. 

It is an investment you can’t afford NOT to make.

Because saying “I can’t afford to eat healthy” is really telling me you do not respect yourself enough to make health your #1 priority. 

Besides, our country spends an average of $200 billion annually on fast food and on a weekly basis that number comes out to $151 weekly for the average American.

The hardest decisions you’ll have to make with your diet are what to eat and how to have healthy food readily available ahead of time so you don’t get off target.

Why not try something different for a change and save yourself all the wasted time and money you’d spend on shopping, cooking and cleaning multiple times a week? 

Q: I’m following a ketogenic / vegetarian / carnivore / etc. diet and was wondering if you can customize a plan specific to those styles of eating, or if I can ask for specific macronutrient ratios to be met with select meals. 

A: Nutrition Solutions is unable to do that at the size of their company due to the logistical nightmare it would cause.

But even if they could, customizations of that nature are not provided.

The beauty of using Nutrition Solutions is you no longer have to think or invest any energy into planning your meals.

You simply come to them and they help you by cooking and delivering meals that get you into the best shape of your life in the shortest period of time possible.

If you want to be in charge of your diet and you 100% know what you’re doing, you’ll have to seek out another company.

This is not the case for most people, because let’s be honest… choosing their own meals is how they got to where they are today.

For those of you who are highly inflamed dumpster fires, I would ask you to trust the process, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and venture out of the familiar.

Open up your mind to new possibilities and allow yourself to be surprised by your investment!

Side note from Chris: For people who want to optimize their health, I do not believe a true ketogenic diet is the best option for them.

I’ve written many times about why I strongly believe this to be the case — here, here, here, here and here.

The long and short of it is that the majority of people who want to follow a ketogenic diet just want to cut out carbs and eat as little as possible to lose as much weight as they can.

Most people do not understand what it truly means to live a ketogenic lifestyle in terms of eating the right fats, and the right amount of fats needed to keep energy levels up long-term.

In my experience, it is highly unsustainable and all the weight will eventually be regained back (and then some)… the trademark progression of most ketogenic dieters.

And I do not believe ketogenic dieting promotes the best mindset around eating well for longevity and optimizing your physique as it creates a dysfunctional relationship with food.

Successful fat loss is not necessarily about eating less but about eating better and not constantly stressing out about what you are not allowed to eat from a place of scarcity. 

Q: I’m looking at your menu and noticed there are certain foods I just don’t like and/or have an allergy to. How will Nutrition Solutions handle my request? 

A: Upon signing up, you’ll be immediately asked to list any ingredients you dislike and/or food allergies you have, and all this information will be saved in Nutrition Solutions’ database to your unique customer profile.

From there, you will never receive those ingredients when you receive your meals every week.

They’ll even go as far as to send you an email and a text message every week with the new menu so you can have the option to exclude a certain meal.

HOWEVER… you are highly encouraged to keep an open mind, especially if your choice of ingredient omission is more of a preference than a total dislike.

The macronutrient and micronutrient profiles of each meal on the menu — and its individual ingredients — are strategically created to help clients achieve the highest levels of health and aesthetics possible.

Not to mention that variety, as mentioned earlier, is a crucial part of long-term sustainability in any successful diet.

Nutrition Solutions’ team will even go out of their way to educate you on the health benefits of the ingredient you are choosing to forego.

Things like garlic, ginger, sauerkraut, rosemary, pomegranate, organic eggs, broccoli, and much more each come with their own reasons why they should be a part of your diet.

Improved digestion, lowered inflammation, enhanced immune system strength, better brain function, blood sugar control… the list is frankly endless.

Chris even informed me his team will go as far as to send some of the disliked ingredient(s) to the customer free-of-charge (in addition to their order), and if the customer likes it, they’ll add it to their future orders.

Almost every single time, people keep an open mind and their former preference to avoid a certain food transforms into one of their favorite dietary staples!

If you’re asking for my take, I HIGHLY recommend you take full advantage of the variety provided by Nutrition Solutions and let yourself be pleasantly surprised. 😉

Q: I’m concerned about the meals coming in plastic containers. Won’t this lead to unnecessary exposure to estrogenic compounds that are harmful to hormonal health?

A: Nutrition Solutions uses eco-friendly, BPA-free containers to ensure this will not be a problem.

In fact, the switch was made years ago once emerging research came out strengthening the link between BPA and increased rates of cancer (even at very low doses).

It’s yet another thing you won’t see most meal prep companies doing as these containers are 3 times the cost of normal plastic containers.

So yes, it is perfectly safe for you to heat the pre-packaged meals in your microwave without any further concerns for your health.

Every meal comes with heating and storage instructions, and you’ll never have to keep them in the microwave for more than 90 seconds (3 minutes if you’re taking the meal out of the freezer instead of the refrigerator).

Q: I’m thinking about other meal prep companies that are direct competitors to Nutrition Solutions because some reviews say they are more affordable, offer higher-quality meals, greater flexibility in meal selection and customization, etc. What should I do?

A: I’ll let Chris take the wheel on this one.

You can and you absolutely should.

In fact, I would much prefer you use those other companies first before trying us.

Do that because I can guarantee if you actually used those companies and then come to us, you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself.

Nobody can touch us — not from a product standpoint, not from a customer service standpoint, not from a cultural standpoint, and definitely not from a results-getting standpoint. 

I say this as someone who has recommended other meal delivery companies in the past to my audience if they truly feel their personal needs can be better met elsewhere.

I truly believe there is enough of the success pie for everyone to have a slice!”

CONCLUSION: Nutrition Solutions Has Solved The Meal Prep Dilemma

There’s nothing more for me to say, other than telling you to get your hands on Nutrition Solutions’ incredible meals ASAP!

I loved them at first bite and so did my wife and two daughters.

And I AM 100% positive you’ll feel the same way about their organically sourced ingredients when they arrive at your doorstep.

All you have to do is head on over to, pick your plan, place your order, and enjoy the freshest breakfast, lunch, or dinner you’ve had in a long time.

Tell them Jay Campbell sent you and maybe they’ll hook you up with something special!

As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!


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