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Peptides Are Just the Beginning: The Next Big Thing in Optimization w/ Nick Andrews

As more people wake up to the evil scam that is allopathic medicine, they are seeking alternative healing forms, and that’s why peptides have exploded.

The challenge, however, is that a lot of consumers are facing supply chain issues and other difficulties to get the products they need. 

Unfortunately, this now includes Aseir Custom, a company that Nick Andrews and I used to own.

In this episode, we share the full story of what went wrong and Nick also talks about his new venture and products.

As you age, the concentration of bioregulators in any particular organ system drops, that’s essentially a hallmark of aging. -Nick Andrews

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The truth about Aseir
    What happened with Aseir Custom and what’s the risk of buying from them now?
  2. Introducing Folitin
    After taking insights from the marketplace, how has Nick’s new scalp care product improved on what’s out there ?
  3. Peptide bioregulators are the next big thing
    What if you could take a daily multi-mineral supplement for every organ and biological system so that you don’t age?

Guest Bio

Nick is a biochemical engineer and founder of Entera Skincare, a company focused on the development of therapeutic peptides.

Go to for more information and use the code JAYC to get 10% off your order.

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