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The Peptide Optimization Course: How To Fully Maximize Your Health

Around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I promised the world I would release one of my most technical books to date:

The Peptides Handbook – The Biohacker’s Guide On Using Therapeutic Peptides to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Heal Injuries, Increase IQ, Improve Health & Slow Aging

Every Monday afternoon for 1.5 years,  I would feature a new therapeutic peptide being included in the book and give a high-level summary about the role it can play in fully optimized health. Some were multi-functional, some were single-purpose, some were better researched and tested than others. But I failed to deliver on that promise for one reason: I was focused entirely on the WRONG medium! Books are a dead-end anyhow… fewer people bother to read 10 pages of a book and anything remotely complex will lose most human beings. The only way for me to have a worldwide impact is to deliver my course in an interactive video format. A product where you can consume the information at your own pace and have a tightly-vetted community to share your thoughts and progress. After six months of endless tinkering and focused content creation… it’s finally here!

Click here to get The Peptide Optimization Course today!

As with any of the courses I publish and promote, you should read the accompanying article first. I want you to understand exactly how peptides can change your life and why my course will deliver on that promise.

Why Should You Care About Therapeutic Peptides?

Therapeutic peptides are a revolutionary new form of medicine that can have a wide variety of effects: Helping people fully optimize their health or treat chronic conditions. And although you may just be hearing about them now, peptides have been used for decades in non-mainstream medicine for numerous purposes. (Fun fact: With over 800 peptide drugs in the clinical pipeline and 197 commercially available, they are poised to become a $65 billion market worldwide by 2026) There’s an abundance of ways in which peptides can dramatically impact a patient’s overall health and well-being:

  • Lose stubborn body fat with Ipamorelin
  • Strengthen the immune system with Thymosin Alpha 1
  • Boost your brainpower with FGL
  • Support a healthy libido with PT-141
  • Give your skin a darker color with Melanotan 2
  • Sleep deeper at night with DSIP
  • Enhance your mood by decreasing anxiety with Selank
  • Increase muscle size and strength with 5-Amino 1MQ
  • Heal from injuries with TB-500
  • Give yourself more all-day energy with SS-31
  • Lower your levels of chronic inflammation with KPV

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There is virtually nothing they cannot treat or fix — whether using peptides derived synthetically or those derived from your body, you can unlock the body’s ability to heal itself on a cellular level. Thanks to their ability to mimic our natural cellular behavior, they are non-toxic and can be dosed appropriately with far fewer side effects than most conventional treatments ie Big Pharma medications. All they do is dramatically speed up the healing process and address and fix the root cause(s) of our problems. But there are two things you must understand before you use a single peptide…

Peptides Are NOT A Substitute For Healthy Living

Like every other health initiative, it takes time and work to get positive results and noticeable improvements. Your health is 100% your responsibility and you must also focus on living a clean lifestyle. Some people will see massive results in as little as two weeks while others will take a little longer. But if you want to become your best self inside and out, you must become the proactive scientist of your own health.

Peptides Can Be Dangerous If Used Improperly

Whenever we face a health problem, the first instinct is to get an over-the-counter pill that we can take and expect results the very next day. Therapeutic peptides WILL NOT provide you with this fantasy luxury. I’ll be the first to tell you it’s dangerous to use peptides incorrectly and screw yourself up worse than when you started. It’s even more dangerous when your peptide regimen is in the hands of a misinformed doctor who has no clue what they’re doing (sadly the majority of physicians today). Without a solid foundation of knowledge about peptides, you will be easily led astray. And it’s partly one of the reasons why peptides are heavily suppressed by Big Pharma. As long as you can internalize and agree with the two things above, keep reading…

Why Should You Listen To Jay Campbell About Therapeutic Peptides?

If you’re brand new to the website, you may be wondering what gives me the right to speak about this incredibly niche and complicated facet of health. If you’re not, maybe you don’t have the full grasp of my subject matter expertise with peptides. Either way… here are my qualifications for all to see. I share all of this not to brag, but to demonstrate the value I bring to the world without charging a cent. What good is a man’s word if he can’t directly and instantly prove what he’s capable of?

I Have Been Successfully Using Therapeutic Peptides Since 2005

For those of you who believe I started talking about peptides for the quick cash grab, guess again. I have been experimenting with peptides since 2005… when most medical professionals had zero clue they existed and buying them online (let alone a local “gym bro”) was a literal life-or-death risk. I had to learn the hard way about proper dosage, injection techniques, using them alongside agents such as Metformin and testosterone, and minimizing and mostly avoiding side effects. The 2000s were an age where there was NO MONEY whatsoever to be made from promoting peptides. ‘ It wasn’t until I published my first international best-selling book on therapeutic testosterone in 2015 that I felt comfortable recommending no more than five peptides. Even in the books I’ve published since, I was still conservative on recommending peptides as useful tools for fully optimized health. And it wasn’t until November 2019 where I held my breath and wrote my first full-length article on the healing peptide BPC-157. My expertise has been nearly two decades in the making and is 100% built on my successes and failures.

I Created The World’s Best Collection of FREE Intel on Therapeutic Peptides

For the past two years, I have written deep-dive articles on (nearly) every peptide in existence using decades of evidence-based science, my own personal experiments with using peptides, and the real-world results of trusted biohackers.

You can see all of them for yourself HERE.

As you go through the articles, take note of a few key things… These are NOT lightweight articles for newbies: Every article is at least 3,000 words and goes through absolutely everything you need to know. History, how it works in the body, all the health benefits, exact dosing recommendations, side effects to watch out for, where to buy them, where to learn even more about them — no detail is spared. I challenge you to find someone who’s written about peptides as prolifically as I have. They are 100% FREE and will stay that way for life: I could have easily kept all this information behind a paywall and charged you $99 for a PDF book. I could have charged you +$50/month for two new peptide investigations bi-weekly, and I would STILL be underselling you the value I bring with this content. But it’s infinitely more important to serve humanity by providing easy access to the world’s Golden Age agents. They are 100x better than the paid content on peptides you will find online or offline: Talk is cheap on the Internet and proven results are scarce. You can read just one article on peptides I’ve published, source it yourself using our trusted peptides vendor, follow the instructions, and get the results I’ve promised. Nobody else will offer you the same transparency in testing what they sell.

Nick Andrews and I Started a Wildly Profitable 7-Figure Company EXCLUSIVELY Focused on Peptides

In late 2019, I co-founded a company called Aseir Custom with my business partner Nick Andrews that revolves around the rejuvenating power of therapeutic peptides. It was the final test of my personal hands-on experience with peptides:

Can I help millions of people worldwide experience the anti-aging power I had with peptides, or was I doomed to be one of a dozen people in existence who could experience ANY kind of benefit!?

Even with Nick’s 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a world-leading peptide product formulator, this business was a major life risk. I could handle taking on a financial loss and going to zero — I’ve been dead broke and faced serious problems in the past. But a product failure would tarnish my reputation as a peptides expert. If our formulated products couldn’t help people turn their aging clock backward, I could end up just like the majority of snake oil selling supplement hucksters. Thankfully Nick introduced me to the miraculous healing power of the copper peptide GHK-Cu. Nick created the products Royal Blue Serum and Sky Blue Cream entirely around GHK-Cu for cosmetic skin healing — reducing wrinkles and fine lines, recovering from UV light, repairing scars, increasing skin elasticity, and more. But the real magnum opus of the company is Auxano Grow. Our revolutionary hair restoration product that combines GHK-Cu with the biomolecule C60. We tackled the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry and all of its ineffective treatments that don’t work as promised. And to our surprise, we created a true hair industry disruptor… the reviews and testimonials speak for themselves! Since its launch we have been transparent about the science powering Auxano Grow, upgraded to a superior formulation, written a how-to guide for best results, and even launched an eyelash hair growth product. Nothing stopped us, not even criticisms and “take-downs” from some of the Internet’s most well-known hair growth biohackers. Hundreds of thousands of people have now experienced what peptides can do for their lives… and I want you to be one of them in the immediate future.

I Am Highly Trusted By Expert Biohackers And World-Class Peptide Physicians

You may still be wondering…

“Ok, so you are a guinea pig of two decades, you wrote some high-ranking articles, and you have a peptides company. But what about your qualifications!?

What gives you the right to offer a course on peptides!?”

Truthfully, I do not have a PhD or any formal medical training. At best I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science but you’ll never see me flexing it as proof of my credentials. In addition to my results, I also have a deep level of trust from industry-leading doctors and biohackers who can vouch for me. Peptide-focused physicians like Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez, and Dr. William Seeds have been on my podcast and given me their full endorsement as a peptides expert. Ben Greenfield is IMO, the most prolific biohacker on earth. He is one of the primary reasons Aseir Custom has grown from garage start up to an overnight sensation in two years. He and I have had multiple interviews together, including joining me on an epic two-hour podcast to discuss all of the must-know and use peptides. (Fun trivia fact: Look at Ben’s recent article on peptides and tell me where the majority of the references come from) And if that wasn’t enough: Limitless Life Nootropics, the best online peptides vendor currently in existence, has happily worked alongside me to deliver the latest game-changing peptides to the world. In conclusion… You can trust me 100% in delivering you the best information about using therapeutic peptides found online.

What Comes With The Peptide Optimization Course?

The Peptide Optimization Course distills 17+ years of experience into an easy, step-by-step online course that helps any man or woman exponentially optimize their health. It is much more than a course… it is a new digital experience that teaches people how to properly use therapeutic peptides to harness the power of regenerative healing. With nothing more than this product, you will be in the top 1% of humanity and know more about peptides than most doctors worldwide. We created this course for people who are overwhelmed by online articles, podcasts, Reddit posts, and bodybuilding forum discussions about peptides and have zero idea where to begin. Whether it’s the top 10 mistakes people make when starting peptides, using multiple peptides at the same time, or sourcing them, we’ll give you the truth and nothing but the truth. Put another way… we will literally hold your hand towards lifelong health and wellness through peptide therapy. All you have to do is listen and learn. Enough chit-chat and hype — let’s get into EVERYTHING you will receive with The Peptide Optimization Course!

An Online Learning Experience Catered to Everybody (And Anybody)

You will get immediate access to all of the pre-recorded videos and the accompanying PDF files. But here’s the catch: You will get Module 1 straight away, and the other five modules will be released according to your own time line. (They are designed for one module per week, but if you want to take in all the information as fast as possible, there is no limitation.) You should expect to set 2-3 hours per week for each module but by all means watch and read along and learn at YOUR own pace. We’ve created this course for you to listen — and re-listen — when it is most convenient for you. And if you ever run into any troubles, send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

6 Jam-Packed Video-Teaching Modules About The Many Domains Of Peptide Therapy

There is not a question you can ask that The Peptide Optimization Course doesn’t already answer in full detail. To prove it to you, here’s exactly what you can expect in each module… MODULE 1: Understanding Regenerative Medicine – Utilizing your body’s systems for self-repair

  • How peptides accelerate your body’s natural self-repair process through your genetic code
  • A super-simple science review of biochemistry and exactly how peptides work in the human body… it’s so easy that even a high school dropout will understand at first glance
  • Why regenerative medicine is outpacing traditional medicine in its promises, while fixing its many flaws (you MUST understand this to avoid becoming a perpetual victim of the “sick-care” healthcare system)
  • The awful truth about how large medical studies are REALLY conducted, and what you should look for in the findings of scientific studies to decide what’s best for you
  • Full transparency on the positives, negatives, and risks associated with therapeutic peptides 

MODULE 2: Symptoms and Solutions – 4 Classes of Peptides

  • The top 4 health problems solved by therapeutic peptides that maximize your return-on-investment for the results you want
  • How peptides can simultaneously treat chronic long-term problems thought to be unsolvable by doctors, while also addressing acute short-term issues faced by people on a daily basis
  • My hand-picked peptides best suited for enhancing cognitive function, speeding up fat loss, building lean muscle, strengthening immunity, and preventing depression (along with realistic expectations for results and WHY they work)
  • The RIGHT way to think about therapeutic peptides… the difference between blindly following instructions and understanding what you’re putting into your body

MODULE 3: Understanding Where Peptides Fit In Your Health – Where to Start

  • A framework to help you decide which peptides you should specifically use NOW, which peptides to AVOID using, and the peptides you can consider at a later time (
  • The crucial difference between “acute” and “sustained” peptide usage… this can mean success or failure when you use select peptides 
  • How to combine different types of peptides for the best results possible
  • Why you MUST follow the fundamental rules of health when using peptides (yes, this means you still have to get your 8 hours of sleep a night, train intelligently, and eat a clean diet)
  • My checklist for finding the peptide-prescribing physicians who know what they’re doing, how to locate them, and the right questions to ask when you step into their office for the first time

MODULE 4: Understanding Peptide Delivery Systems – How to Use the Peptide We’ve Chosen in the Most Effective Way Possible

  • The four different ways peptides can be safely used, and why some are superior to others (hint: nasal sprays are not your friend)
  • Why different routes of administration for the SAME peptide can lead to DIFFERENT results
  • My recommended dosing methods and delivery systems for each individual peptide featured in this course
  • The “MED” principle that helps you find the lowest yet safest peptide dosage just right for you… and the highest dosage for maximum effect
  • How to safely store, reconstitute, and handle peptides so they stay effective and avoid unnecessary degradation 
  • An easy-to-use calculator designed exclusively for getting the accurate dosage of any peptide (no math skills needed)
  • Where you should be buying all of your therapeutic peptides to avoid getting scammed (I’ve recommended only ONE reputable vendor over the past two years and have no intention of changing my mind… but there are other research chemical companies and compounding pharmacies that serve as useful alternatives)

MODULE 5: The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Your Healing Results

  • My personal tips for the best lifestyle habits, nutrition choices, and fitness routines to follow so you can maximize your use of peptides
  • The role of insulin resistance in deciding the best types of food you should eat
  • Diet optimization tips that include vitamin and supplement use, optimal hydration, macronutrient ratios tailored to your body type and goals
  • How to get to the top 1% in terms of health – and beyond – when you add everything in this module to your use of peptides

MODULE 6: How to Evaluate Results and Adapt Your Protocol 

  • The “N=1” principle for monitoring, assessing and optimizing peptide usage that gets results for YOU and ONLY YOU (this is the #1 reason why one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter peptide protocols continue to fail)
  • How to accurately evaluate your sensitivity levels and quantify your response to peptides (I’ll show you how to turn your desired results into measurable metrics for a clean “before-and-after” view of any changes you see)
  • What to do when a certain peptide works like a miracle for one person yet completely fails for you (many people don’t get results with peptides because they fail to set realistic expectations… you’ll learn exactly how to do this)
  • Super-rare side effects you MUST watch out for if you want to continue using peptides for the years ahead

14 Must-Have Tools, Tutorials, Guides & Templates In Downloadable PDF Format

Video courses are useless without take-away lessons and exercises that help people fully absorb the material. It’s one thing to nod your head and agree with a video… but what happens when you take notes and map out a full-scale plan for your health? You get better results and you get them FASTER! Which is exactly why I’ve provided you with fourteen PDF files to accompany the videos you watch…

  • “A Guide To Understanding Regenerative Medicine” – understanding the 21st century model of medicine that will replace the failed traditional model of healthcare
  • “Glossary of Terms” – find any of the words confusing? This list will explain exactly what each term means in plain English
  • “Considerations Before Diving In” – how to identify risk factors and detect any red flags associated with peptide use (this will help you avoid making common beginner mistakes) 
  • “Peptides Class Worksheets” – a quick-and-dirty overview of how all the peptides in this course work in your body, and what you can realistically expect when using them
  • “Getting Started Infographic” – this aid will help you determine what your regenerative healing goals are and drill them down until they become specific yet achievable milestones
  • “The Meet Your Goals Peptide Venn Diagram” – a visual picture showing how some peptides are different from one another, while some of them have important similarities (critical for anybody who wants to use more than one peptide simultaneously)
  • “Reconstituting and Calculating Dosage” – no more tricky or confusing math… this tool will ‘run the numbers’ for you and show you how much of a peptide is in a solution, and exactly how much to take out per injection
  • “Your Personal Starting Point” – This tool determines your starting point and helps you establish how you are going to measure progress with respect to your fitness and healing goals
  • “How to Inject Peptides” – complete with video tutorials and helpful graphics, you’ll immediately know how to safely inject peptides and have complete certainty you did it correctly
  • “Accessing The Peptides” – save hundreds of hours in vetting and choosing the best vendors for purchasing high-quality peptides… we’ve already done the hard work for you! 
  • “Doctors that Specialize in Peptides: Physician Vetting Checklist” – This worksheet will give you complete confidence in choosing the right peptide-prescribing doctor on your very first attempt
  • “The Critical Role Of Nutrition In Your Health” – How to choose and eat the right foods so you can heal and maintain optimal health, with or without peptides
  • “Benchmarks and Progress Report” – My tool for private coaching clients that helps them track and measure their progress to avoid relapses and fallbacks
  • “If This, Then…” – A comprehensive guide to adjusting your peptides protocol and making the right changes when necessary

Like what you see? Great, because I’m not done yet…

2 EXCLUSIVE Value-Packed Bonuses

When you purchase The Peptide Optimization Course, you’re also going to receive these special bonuses in addition to everything I’ve listed:

  • GHK-CU Bonus Video Module — how to use the copper peptide GHK-Cu for hair regrowth, skin rejuvenation, and healing of abrasions
  • Access to my “Fully Optimized Health” private online community for 3 months — a place where high-performing men and women can talk directly to their coaches, get accountability for their goals, and share their progress

How To Fully Optimize Your Health With Therapeutic Peptides

Are you ready to take the next step in your health and wellness journey by unlocking the power of therapeutic peptides? Do you want to take action with life-changing intel on using peptides from a biochemical engineer and health optimization expert with 4 decades of combined experience? Always wanted to get coaching and your questions answered about peptides from people whose ONLY interest is to serve you at the highest and best capacity possible? Now’s your chance:

For a very limited time, we are offering you The Peptide Optimization Course at 50% OFF the retail price!

That’s $249 for the course itself (originally priced at $499), and $349 for the “elite” version of the course. The Elite version of the course comes with exclusive content every month for the first 3 months, including a weekly call to discuss advanced peptide strategies with Jay. At 50% OFF, the course will never offered at a lower price. Both versions of the course come with a 14-day no-risk, no-questions-asked guarantee: If you have not started the course within the first 14 days of payment, you will be eligible for a 100% refund. Nothing else on the planet comes remotely close to the depth and volume of content this digital product provides on mastering the usage of therapeutic peptides.  We’re living proof and so are the thousands of men and women we’ve helped over the years. Your transformation to a fully optimized man or woman is inevitable if you take action today! As always…

Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!

PS – When you are ready for the mentorship needed to become a therapeutic peptides master in just a few short weeks, join The Fully Optimized Health Private Membership Group. Or purchase the Advanced version of the course and get 1 month of the group for free.


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