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Age Reversal, Life Extension, & the Elimination of Chronic Degenerative Diseases w/Ira Pastor

When it comes to age reversal and complex regeneration in humans, a basin of research has been put in front of us. How much do we know about the brain, consciousness, and death reversal? As Big Pharma makes a trillion dollars annually, are they interested in finding cures? What valuable lessons are we learning from evolution? On this episode, we have an in-depth conversation about exciting developments in biotechnology with Bioquark CEO, Ira Pastor.

The symptoms of a disease are nothing more than late-appearing indications that something is wrong. They have nothing to do with the biological factors that come beforehand. -Ira Pastor

Listen to the full episode:

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At the start of the show, Ira talked about his background and shared on how the pharmaceutical industry deals with disease. Next, we talked about complex regeneration and the animals that are able to do it. Ira also talked about how to slow down the aging process by looking to nature for the answers. Towards the end, he shared on why he’s excited about the future of biology. We also discussed:

  • The importance of getting back to nature
  • Brain regeneration and death reversal
  • Technology and the transformational window

There’s a lot to be excited about in the fields of age reversal and curing chronic degenerative disease. Human beings could have a beautiful future thanks to advances in science and technology. There are endless possibilities when merging biology and physics. It’s critical for us to study death from a therapeutic angle and study the evolutionary reasons behind medicine and biology. Ultimately, this is how we will make strides in complex tissue regeneration, reversal of diseases, and reversal of aging. Guest Bio Ira is the CEO of Bioquark. He has over 30 years of experience across multiple sectors of the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development, managed care, distribution, OTC, and retail. Go to to learn more. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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