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Aging is a Myth: Health Optimization Medicine, Wellness & Fasting w/Dr Ted Achacoso

Preventative medicine is always a rearview mirror practice. What are things we have learned about aging and hormones? What are the necessary tests needed to determine how optimized your health is? Why is it beneficial to stop being controlled by food? On this episode we are joined by the brilliant Dr. Ted Achacoso, who provides valuable insights on these matters.

Medicine taught us that hormones decline because we age, but we actually age because hormones decline. -Dr. Ted Achacoso

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At the start of the show, we talked about what conventional medicine got wrong about aging. Next, we talked about the tests Dr. Ted runs to optimize his patients. We also talked about how medical advancements have allowed us to learn more about the human body, down to the cellular level. Dr Ted also shared the importance of dialing in what and how you eat and towards the end of the show, we talked about Metformin. We also discussed;

  • Why aging is a myth
  • The relationship between fasting and mitochondria
  • The focus that comes from fasting
  • The difference between food sensitivity and allergy

Advancements in medicine and research have taught us that getting a control on hormones gives us a handle on aging, not the other way round. By keeping track of food sensitivity, micronutrient and hormone levels and testing for gut barrier integrity, people can have a better understanding of what we need to dial in to stay optimized. The goal is to get so addicted to the feeling of wellness that you know when you’re off kilter. Guest Bio Dr. Ted is the co-founder, chief science officer, and medical director at Bio Balance Institute. He is a European Double-Board Certified in Nutritional Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Ted graduated from college at the age of 18 and earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at the age of 22 from the University of the Philippines. At 25, he was a fellow of interventional neuroradiology, a research professor of pharmacology, and a clinical professor of neurology. At 28, he became a professor of medical informatics and of neurointerventional radiology in Washington, DC. At 45, he retrained in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti-Aging Medicine) and in Nutritional Medicine, and became double board-certified in both specialties. Dr. Ted is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, holds US patents, and delivers lectures. He currently has a tri-continental practice in Anti-Aging Medicine and in Nutritional Medicine. Go to for more information. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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