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Don’t Take the Drug: The Blatantly Broken State of the Pharmaceutical Industry w/Billy Wease

The typical prescription drug has an average of 69 side effects on the package insert, and Big Pharma isn’t even trying to hide it.

They broadcast the side effects on television, even going as far as telling us that we could die if we take their cocktail of pills. 

The system is blatantly broken, and no free-thinking, empowered human being listens to those commercials and wants to take a prescription.

Sovereign individuals opt out of the system and take the path of optimization instead. 

Can we take care of our health so effectively that we’d never need to take a single drug?

In this episode, I’m joined by pharmacist and author of the #1 best-selling book “The 21st Century Pharmacist”, Billy Wease.

He talks about how he’s disrupting his industry and preaching the message of optimization. 

I don’t believe in sick. Being sick is a choice, it is not your genetics. -Billy Wease  

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The tragedy of healthcare education
    Are students getting educated on optimization or actually being indoctrinated into a broken system?
  2. There’s no optimization quick fix
    If you’ve spent decades treating your body like a dumpster fire, how can a 90 day program undo all that damage?
  3. The most amazing fat loss tools we’ve ever been given
    Why are bioregulators so heavily demonized in the press when their effectiveness is clear as day?

Guest Bio

Billy Wease is a pharmacist with over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in wellness and is the author of the #1 best selling book The 21st Century Pharmacist.

His mission is to minimize the side effects prevalent in prescription and over-the-counter drugs by educating people about attaining optimal health by using food, natural supplementation, and exercise.

Since graduating from the pharmacy program at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1990, Billy has opened three independent Prescriptions Plus Compounding Pharmacy locations in the Carolinas.

He has received specialized training from the Professional Compounding Centers of America and earned an Advanced Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine from the Metabolic Medical Institute.

He is a co-owner and a coach at Core Fitness Kings Mountain.

He is an adjunct professor at a private university in North Carolina, where he teaches an elective in the pharmacy school.

Billy is the founder and CEO of OptiYou RX, a health company based around an incredibly successful, life-changing wellness program designed to help participants transition to an optimally healthy lifestyle.

To expand the reach and efficacy of OptiYou RX, Billy created four proprietary supplements that he believes are foundational for optimal health.

These supplements are manufactured with pure ingredients and meet the most stringent quality standards in the world.

SHORT Billy Wease is a pharmacist, educator, speaker, and published author with over 30 years of experience.

After becoming a pharmacist, Billy became passionate about wellness and earned a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine to better help clients at his independent pharmacies.

His mission is to minimize the side effects of prescription drugs by teaching people how to attain optimal health via lifestyle changes.

Billy created OptiYou RX, a wellness company providing lifestyle programs designed to help participants create healthier lifestyles and which formulates quality supplements made from pure ingredients.

For more information, visit and

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