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How to Break Out of the Sick Care Model w/Dr. Merrill Matschke

The sick care system has failed society, making us more sick and less fertile. What is the solution to this crisis? How can we make the future better for the population? What is causing the chronic testosterone imbalance plaguing so many men? On this episode, Dr. Merrill Matschke returns to talk about why he is so passionate about wellness and preventive medicine.

Medicine has become about following the robotic clinical pathways and taking care of sick people. -Dr. Merrill Matschke

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At the start of the show, Dr Merrill shared how he became disillusioned with the current healthcare model, and how he’s transitioning out of it. He laid out how the sick care model is failing the population and talked about the alarming decline in fertility in Western cultures. We discussed why diabetes among young people is becoming alarmingly more prevalent, and the importance of finding a doctor who actually has experience with optimization. We also spoke about:

  • How low testosterone is the new normal
  • Why testosterone is not a silver bullet
  • Normal range vs. optimal range in testosterone

Human life is unsustainable if we continue to neglect health and wellness. We have to incentivize people to take care of themselves. The current medical system should be swept away and rebuilt from the perspective of prevention and wellness. There’s no cookie cutter, template approach to optimization. We need precision-type medicine where we treat everyone individually, because everyone is different. Guest Bio Dr. H. Matschke, MD is a board certified urologist who works for Follow him on Twitter or @MatschkeMD or email [email protected]. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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