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Breaking Out of Homeostasis w/Ludvig Sunstrom

The majority of people in this world are just existing and never getting out of homeostasis. What are the things that keep us there? How can you use your habits and mindset to break out of it? Why is fasting such a necessity? On this episode, we are joined by author and blogger, Ludvig Sunstrom to discuss all this and more.

You have to constantly evolve in every area of your life if you want to continually break out of homeostasis. -Jay Campbell

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At the start of the show, Ludvig gave some background on his life path, and we discussed why a college education isn’t as valuable as it used to be. Next, we talked about his amazing new book “Breaking Out of Homeostasis” and how to break out of it. We also discussed how to avoid the traps of homeostasis, BDNF, and the mistakes people make when it comes to calories and dieting. We also discussed:

  • How the body is hardwired to save energy
  • Strategic reasons for fasting
  • How to come up with workable intentional strategies to achieve your dreams

The human body can only be in one of two states: homeostasis, or your most active state. There is no in-between. If you want to break out of homeostasis, you have to evolve. Choose your commitments carefully and spend your time on things that actually matter. You also have to be good at controlling your indulgences. Become fully intentional about everything you do with your time and your life, and align your mindset with your goals.   Guest Bio Ludvig is an entrepreneur and author. Together with Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade, he hosts the popular Swedish business podcast “25 Minutes,” which has been ranked #1 on iTunes several times. His content has been read and listened to by millions of people. Go to for more information or buy his book Breaking Out of Homeostasis on Amazon. To pick up the #1 Best Selling Men’s Health book on Amazon, The TOT Bible, CLICK HERE! TOT Bible by Jay Campbell and Jim Brown To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!



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