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The Role of Glucose in an Optimized Life & How to Measure It More Effectively w/Carlee Hayes

When it comes to optimization, glucose is a key vital sign that indicates our metabolic health, and gives us actionable feedback on how our bodies are reacting to our lifestyle factors.

The truth is, we can’t improve what we aren’t actively monitoring, and thanks to Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology, it’s now possible to get real-time measurements and data that helps us make better nutritional choices.

What are the benefits of this data? How do we interpret it and use it to tweak our habits?

In this episode, registered dietitian nutritionist and the lead dietician at NutriSense, Carlee Hayes talks about how the Continuous Glucose Monitor works, and its importance in optimizing our health.

Glucose is our other vital sign that tells us how our metabolism is working. If we’re not monitoring it, you won’t see it. -Carlee Hayes 

Three Things We Learned 

  1. What holds many people back from better health
    The fear of needles and optimization can compromise our health potential, how do we overcome it?
  2. Why glucose monitoring cuts through the nutrition noise in today’s world
    How do we actually interpret data from a continuous glucose monitor to inform our habits?
  3. The biological early warning system most people ignore
    What’s the difference between diagnostic criteria and preventive optimal criteria, and why is the latter so vital to saving lives?


Guest Bio

Carlee Hayes is a registered dietitian nutritionist and the lead dietician at NutriSense – a metabolic health company that utilizes Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology to provide real-time data to clients.

Carlee also was an original founder of NutriSense, and helped the company grow from 2 dieticians to a team of over 20 within the 1st year!

As an alumnus of Western Illinois University, Carlee was able to incorporate her Dietetics degree into specializing in bariatric nutrition therapy and weight loss.

For more information on the monitor, visit and follow @carleeohayes on Instagram.

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