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Becoming a Complete Human w/Janna Breslin and Evan DeMarco

Physical fitness is a vital element of optimization, but none of that matters if we’re not spending time developing our inner selves along the way.

What does being in peak physical condition matter if we’re empty cans? 

If we want to raise every part of our beings to become the best versions of ourselves, we have to work on our mental and spiritual worlds too. 

We also have to think about how we’re connecting with the planet, because what good is it being optimized when the world around us is falling apart? 

How can we do the necessary work to become holistically successful, complete humans?

How will we know once we’ve reached our destination? 

In this episode, Founders of Complete Human, Janna Breslin and Evan DeMarco discuss how to develop every part of ourselves.

Becoming a complete human is a journey, regardless of whatever level you’re at. -Janna Breslin

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. How to stop letting ego impact every decision we make
    Ego is often what motivates us to work on our fitness, but when we’re optimizing ourselves purely to look good on the beach, we’re not making an impact on anything other than our vanity. If we want to advance our consciousness, that needs to change.
  2. The importance of doing the inner work
    Whenever we dedicate time and effort to our inner development, we’re heightening our awareness of the energies around us. Inner work is the key to becoming receptive to the energies that are totally transforming the world as we know it.
  3. What the final destination for a complete human looks like
    Developing ourselves and becoming complete is a journey, and we’ll never be ‘done’ with it. Becoming a complete human requires a commitment to constant growth in every area of our lives.

Guest Bio- 

Janna Breslin is the co-founder of Complete Human.

A fitness model, certified personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition expert, Janna is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health in every sense of the word.

Evan DeMarco is the co-founder of Complete Human, leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker, and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms.

He is also the man behind the patented Alpha & Omega formulation, currently used in over 25% of the global prenatal vitamins.

To find out more about Janna, Evan, and Complete Human, go to:

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