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Fired for Refusing the ‘V’: Why Cory Bell Stood Up For His Soul’s Principles

The Golden Age will be preceded by the complete unraveling of the third dimension and the Matrix as we know it.

Everyone has a choice: buy into fear and lose your soul or stand your ground.

In the face of the “V” many people who chose to stand their ground lost their jobs, but ultimately that choice protects the integrity of their souls.

In this episode, I’m joined by strength and conditioning coach, Cory Bell.

He shares the decision he made, and why he will never give in to the fear echo chamber of the world.

What’s happening in society right now is very dark energy is being transferred into people. -Cory Bell

Three Things We Learned 

  1. The low-vibration tactics of the Matrix
    How is the system normalizing sudden adult death syndrome?
  2. The war on resonance
    Society hasn’t advanced, we have just made things easier. How is this harming the younger generations?
  3. Frequencies and athletic performance
    Are ancient healing modalities more advanced than much of what we have now?


Guest Bio

Cory Bell is a strength and conditioning coach based out of Orange, TX.

Cory has previous stops at Ohio State, Boston College, and New Mexico Military Institute.

Cory currently works at West Orange-Stark High School, his alma mater, while also servicing professional and Olympic athletes worldwide.

One of his greatest triumphs was being one of the few who stood their ground during the enforcement of vaccine compliance by big-name institutions.

Little do people know, these institutions included colleges and universities.

Boston College fired Bell in May 2021 for failure to comply with the vaccine mandate. For more information, follow @coach_corybell on Instagram.

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