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Create a Resonant Reality: How to Protect Your Energy Field & Find Your Dharma w/Joseph Anew

If there’s one thing the last few years have made abundantly clear, it’s that humanity is in the clutches of Godless forces, and that anyone who walks in resonance and consciousness has to break away before it’s too late.

Breaking away from the matrix takes on many forms – for some it will require walking away from the who and what we know, and for others it means getting as far away from “the grid” as we can.

Either way, it comes down to protecting your energy field so you’re not pulled into the reptilian consciousness.

For Joseph DiStefano, breaking away meant changing his name to Anew.

Our family names have been passed down through generations and they carry traumas, beliefs and relationships that may be in direct conflict with coherence.

In this episode, my friend and founder of Runga, Joseph Anew joins me to talk about changing his name, and the solutions we have to put in place to thrive.

This is a war between God and those without God and those without God are trying to play God. -Jay Campbell 

Three Things We Learned

  1. Why Joe changed his last name
    Changing the course of our reality requires sacrifice, what are you willing to give up for your resonance?
  2. Tapping into your coherence capacitor
    Why is the matrix so hell-bent on muting our heart signals?
  3. How to find your dharma
    What makes it so hard for people to find and thrive in their purpose?


Guest Bio

Joseph Anew is a health, nutrition, lifestyle coach, host of Intuitive Warrior and founder of Runga, an experience that combines cutting-edge wellness tools with fitness, yoga and meditation practices.

Over the last two decades as a professional in the health and fitness industry, Joseph has become a true global authority on how to optimize wellness and longevity on the path to improving fitness and sports performance.

He has coached some of the world’s top athletes, instructed over 100 live events in 20 countries around the globe, and presented on the TED stage.

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