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The Battle for Humanity: Exposing the Transhumanist Agenda with Dr. Anna Mihalcea

In this episode, Jay interviews Dr. Ana Mihalcea, a board-certified internal medicine physician and author of Light Medicine: A New Paradigm.

Dr. Mihalcea has conducted extensive research on self-assembling nanotechnology and is an expert advisor related to its impact on human health.

Jay and Dr. Mihalcea begin by discussing the advanced state of science and the transhumanist agenda, including potential initiatives that listeners should be mindful of.

They also talk about the broader battle between light and dark forces, and what measures we can take to raise our consciousness and put ourselves in the strongest position going forward.

Tune in if you want to learn more about advanced science and nanotechnologies, the opposing forces competing for control over the future of humanity, and the untapped power that exists inside your mind that can help you navigate these uncertain times.

“We live in a universe that we create by our thoughts. We are divine creators, and the more you engage in negative thoughts, the more you empower what is going on at a planetary scale.”
– Dr. Ana Mihalcea

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • The function of self-assembling nanotechnology and its role in the transhumanist agenda designed to create human cyborgs
  • The current state of the battle between the forces of light and dark, where each side seeks the absolute control and manipulation of humanity
  • The role that higher density beings, both benevolent and malevolent, play in the universe and the importance of discerning between them in spiritual encounters
  • The importance of regular detoxification and protection from harmful substances and technologies, such as nanotechnology and EMF radiation
  • The power of intention and living in alignment with one’s spiritual purpose, and how it can help you create your own reality full of positivity and fulfillment

Key Moments In This Conversation

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:03:03 – Biological and psychological risks associated with nanotechnologies

00:13:37 – The battle between light and dark forces and the transhuman agenda

00:21:13 – The importance of living in resonance and creating a tribe of like-minded people

00:28:09 – The potential for different timelines and the importance of envisioning a positive future for humanity

00:33:48 – The need to focus on personal vibration and actions/choices you can control

00:41:44 – The importance of regular detoxification to support the body and mind

00:52:56 – The impact of living in alignment with your true self and creating your own reality

00:55:13 – Closing comments and Dr. Mihalcea’s resources


Guest Bio

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is a board-certified internal medicine physician with over 20 years of clinical experience.

She also holds a PhD in pathology and is the president of AMM Medical LLC, an anti-aging clinic.

Dr. Mihalcea is an expert in the field of light medicine and is the award-winning author of the book “Light Medicine: A New Paradigm, The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity.”

She has a unique ability to connect scientific concepts with spiritual perspectives, which makes her a highly sought-after voice in the conversation around health optimization.

Learn more about Dr. Mihalcea and her work at


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