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The Link Between Bioculture & Optimization w/Dr Mario Martinez

One of the most significant differences between human beings and animals is that we’re the only creatures that have a culture, a cognitive collective understanding that governs us.

These biocultural beliefs inform whether we get older, age, or achieve longevity. 

Longevity is learned culturally, it’s not determined by genetics.

We actually have the ability to influence our own aging process. 

How does our cultural context impact our physiological outcomes?

What can we learn from the world’s healthiest and happiest centenarians?

How do we move from fear-based rigidity to horizons of flexibility?

In this episode, I’m joined by author and leading subject matter expert in longevity and anti-aging, Dr. Mario Martinez.

We discuss why physical health cannot be separated from our culture. 

Growing older only takes time, aging is really what you do with the time based on your culture and beliefs.
-Dr. Mario Martinez  

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. There is a missing link between mind and body in the aging process.
    Health and wellness are always communicated in a cultural context. 25% of our health outcomes are influenced by genetics, the rest is biocultural beliefs. 
  2. Longevity is learned culturally.
    Causes of health are inherited, but they need to be triggered. They just don’t happen automatically.
  3. Avoid the extremes.
    People who practice any extreme health diet protocol with no room for flexibility often end up with deficiencies. If you do anything in excess and live within a rigid fear-based system, it depletes your body.

Guest Bio

Dr. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist, founder of Biocognitive Science Institute and bestselling author.

He specializes in how cultural and transcendental beliefs affect health and longevity.

He lectures worldwide on his theory of Biocognition and on investigations he has conducted of alleged cases of stigmata for the Catholic Church, the BBC, Discovery, and National Geographic. 

Visit or for more information. 

Read his article Panic Is The Corona Virus’s Best Friend here

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