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A Beginner’s Guide to Consciousness w/Dr. Yusef Smith

More people than ever before are trying to get onto the path of consciousness, but despite the willingness, most just don’t know where to start.

How can young conscious beings increase their awareness when they’ve never even been taught what meditation is, let alone the right way to do it? 

We’re living in the information age, and that should mean everyone has access to the guidance they need.

However, there’s simply too much information to sift through to get any real answers. 

How can someone entirely new to the world of consciousness building tell if they’re accessing the right information? 

In this episode, co-owner of Propane Fitness, Dr. Yusef Smith shares how to increase consciousness at a beginner’s level.

Whenever you decide to better yourself, you will be called a weirdo.
Stop listening to what other people think and do what’s best for you.
– Dr. Yusef Smith


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. Why silence is the key to consciousness
    When we’re forced to be alone with our thoughts, we begin to unpack each layer of our emotions. Sometimes we have to deprive our senses to truly connect with our minds.
  2. How our physical bodies are impacted by our thoughts
    Every thought and emotion has a physical counterpart in our bodies. The benefit of this is that we can recondition ourselves through both mental reorganization and by working directly with the body through stretch work, breathwork, and meditation.
  3. Why we need to stop looking for a quick fix to consciousness
    We wouldn’t expect to see massive results after a 6 minute workout, and we shouldn’t expect to be fully conscious after just one meditation. Consciousness takes commitment, and if we want to see full benefits from it we have to practice regularly.

Guest Bio- 

Dr. Yusef Smith is a medical doctor and the co-owner of Propane Fitness. A coach passionate about helping others achieve the physiques they deserve, Dr. Smith is also a powerlifter who has competed at a British national level.

Alongside his business partner Jonny, Dr. Smith is the co-host of the Propane Podcast

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