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Children of The Light Are Still Few and Far Between: What’s Stopping More People from Increasing Their Consciousness? w/Evan McDermod

Over the last 2 years, more people have awakened than ever before, and in 2022, that upward trend will only continue.

That being said, even as our numbers rise, the Children of the Light continue to be a minority. 

What’s stopping more people from raising their consciousness? 

Is there anything we as Higher vibrational beings can do to assist them, or is staying in dissonance merely a path their souls must take?

In this episode, host of The Fifth Dimension podcast, Evan McDermod joins me to discuss the barriers prohibiting more widespread awakening, and what can be done about it. 

Just by being here, in this physical plain, you are Divine and worthy. -Evan McDermod

Three Curiosity-Driven Takeaways 

  1. The importance of re-examining our society’s very foundations
    Are the structures of our society conducive to awakening, or are they in place with the very objective of controlling us?
  2. Why we have to change the way we see ego
    In the early days of humanity, ego was a necessity for self-preservation, but what role should it be playing in our lives today, when the threat of sabretooth tigers is no longer imminent?
  3. What to expect from the end of our present dimension
    The third dimension is coming to an end, but what will that look like?

Guest Bio- 

Evan McDermod is an educator, author, spiritual guide, and host of The Fifth Dimension Podcast.

Passionate about unearthing the Divinity within all of us, his mission is to raise human consciousness by illuminating the path of self-exploration.

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