Food Intolerance: Testing through Elimination & Reintroduction w/Paul Burgess

Jay Campbell

By Jay Campbell

November 2nd, 2016

A lot of the work we do to stay fit and healthy has to do with exercise and diet. But what about the internal reactions caused by what we eat? On this episode of the TRT Revolution, Paul Burgess is back to go deeper on food intolerance, exogenous ketones and digestive health.

If people are eating foods that are irritating them, or causing reactivity in their system, it doesn’t matter what plan their following or what training their doing, they are not going to be healthy. -Paul Burgess

Listen to the full episode: At the start of the show, we talked about supplements and so-called health trends.

“Once people start bringing products to the market in the form of supplements and foods, you end up seeing a junk food train that is veiled in some kind of health scheme.” -Paul Burgess

Next, we went into detail about food intolerances, and why testing is so important. No matter how healthy a lifestyle you might follow, if you don’t know what you react to, all of that is irrelevant. We went on to discuss how people can figure out whether they have an intolerance or not, and Paul mentions the importance of long-term elimination of the suspected food, and reintroduction to see how the body responds. We also talked about common digestive problems people face and how to correct them. Towards the end of the show, we discussed exogenous ketones.

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When it comes to dieting, people grab onto the headlines that best suit them and this extends to ketogenic dieting. People often discount beneficial foods and underestimate the fact that they might have intolerances to so-called good foods. The only way to know if a specific item is good for your body, is to eliminate and reintroduce it to see what the reaction is. Ultimately, if it’s right, you won’t experience bloating, gas or fatigue; your body will feel tight and lean. Guest Bio Paul is the founder of Athletic Fitness & Nutrition, which he created with the purpose of being able to deliver the highest specification, most cutting edge physical training techniques and nutrition advice. In his mid 30’s he decided to turn his passion for fitness into his full time career and became a nutritionist and personal trainer gaining Diploma’s in Clinical Nutrition, Personal Training and Anti-Ageing. Visit to learn more or get in touch with Paul. To Download Your FREE PDF COPY of the Amazon Best Seller: The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, Click Here! To get your FREE PAPERBACK COPY, Click HereThe TRT MANual has helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world reclaim their health and vitality. Don’t suffer in silence a moment longer! PS. As an added bonus, upon finishing the book-once you provide a Thoughtful, High Quality Review on Amazon (hopefully 5 STAR), we will send you our new unreleased eBook 7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Testosterone for FREE.* (To receive book, email [email protected] a screenshot of your posted review.) Get the TRT MANual FREE  

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