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How to Get Lean and Reduce Your Risk of Diseases of Aging w/Daniel Kelly

Most intermittent fasting gurus don’t know anything about training. What are the keys to training and fasting? What are the main benefits of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet? How does it impact your body’s disease resistance and give you better results? On this episode, Daniel Kelly’s back to share on his work on The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, changing perspectives on testosterone and why being leaner is the secret to health.

Some diet programs are so focused on actual weight at the expense of skeletal muscle mass. -Daniel Kelly

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At the start of the show, we talked about the decline of sperm production around the world, and how that is affecting global conception rates. Next we talked about why obesity is the world’s greatest disease and why people lose so much body fat when they do alternate fasting. Towards the end of the show, we spoke about how fasting reduces your inflammatory factors and why carbs are something you earn from exercise. We also discussed;

  • Why the human endocrine system is under siege every single day
  • The impact alternate fasting has on skeletal muscle
  • Why fasting is more psychological than physical
  • How the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet improves your workouts

What most people don’t realize is that they are reducing their calorie intake so much that it is affecting their metabolism and working against their health. You end up hating yourself, hating the diet and perpetuating bad habits. When you diet and train the right way, you’ll get leaner and it will be metabolically ok to slack on training days. Your body will be able to handle more carbs due to improved insulin sensitivity. You will also get a much greater pump at the gym. If you build as much muscle as possible as you age, you’ll be more resistant to disease. Guest Bio Daniel is a contributor on To get in touch with him, leave a comment on one of his articles on the TRT Revolution website, or email [email protected]. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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