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Reprogram Your Life And Create the Reality You Want w/Gunther Sonnenfeld

As the awakened, we have the power to create our reality in whatever way we see fit.

However, the act of taking control isn’t always a clear-cut path.

How can we begin the task of re-shaping our identities in a way that helps us serve creation at the highest level?

In a world so determined to keep us unquestioning and in the dark, how can we regain our sovereignty?

Is there a way to help others step into their ideal reality?

In this episode, Quantum Systems Architect and Founder of Applied Regenerative Economics, Gunther Sonnenfeld shares how to establish dominion in our lives.

We tend to ask why something is happening to us, but we should be questioning how we got there, how we created it, and what we’re willing to do about it.

-Gunther Sonnenfeld

Three Key Takeaways

  1. How to think our way to a new existence
    If we have total control over our lives, how can we make the mindset shift from victim to victor?
  2. How the way we express ourselves determines our reality
    Are we feeling our emotions, or are we becoming them?
  3. The importance of mastering self-control
    There’s a difference between opening up about our feelings and acting catastrophically. How can we strike the balance?


Gunther Sonnenfeld also shares:

  • Why polarity is VITAL for self-improvement
  • How to banish low-vibrational beings from our orbit, for good
  • The importance of being dispassionate in the face of evil

Guest Bio- 

Gunther Sonnenfeld is the CEO of RAIR and Founder of Applied Regenerative Economics.

A Quantum Systems Architect, Gunther is also the author of the forthcoming Our New Nature and publishes regular articles on Medium

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