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How to Live an Insulin Controlled Lifestyle w/Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Insulin controlled living is the biggest topic in fitness, nutrition and optimization right now. What are the dangers associated with not keeping your insulin intake under control? What is the biggest mistake most intermittent fasters make when it comes to training? How are people wasting massive amounts of time at the gym? On this episode, Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes is here to share high-value wisdom on getting the most out of your workouts, and dialing in your insulin.

If you want to have average health, have average health. If you want to have optimal health, you’re going to have to sacrifice something and/or go without it for sometime. -Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

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At the start of the show we talked about insulin control, and how insulin production contributes to the diseases of aging. Next, we talked about how bad our social ignorance of our own biology is, and why most people don’t need as many carbs as they eat. We also discussed why you shouldn’t train fasted, “we don’t want to train a muscle under conditions of low glucose and low circulating glycogen.” Alex also shared how the environment is slowly distilling poison in us, and the factors we can control on a daily basis to mitigate it. We also spoke about;

  • The difference between optimized training and ineffective training
  • The rise of depression in women
  • The importance of getting your blood work done every year after 25
  • Estrogen dominance

People have no conceptualization of how holistically whole their health is, they tend to have a compartmentalized attitude. Everything you do is connected and self-determined, so optimizing your hormones, insulin controlled living and exercising are all in your hands, not a doctor’s. The people who are living their best lives have taken personalized control of their health, and that’s the best approach. As you age, your body will change and you have to ask yourself these objective questions, what do you want your quality of life to be, and how optimal can you keep your health? Base all your methodologies on those two questions. Guest Bio Alexander is personal trainer and writer, who has made health, fitness, and all subjects thereof his area of focus and study for the last 8 years. Go to to sign up for his daily newsletter, or see more about his work. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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