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Preparing for the Return to the Lemurian Calendar w/Huna Flash

Many of us have been anticipating a shift of sorts for months now, and it’s finally upon us.

The world as we know it is about to change, from the Gregorian Calendar, to its Lemurian counterpart. 

While our world has been shaped by post-Atlantean language, it’s time for us to forget what we think we know and begin to embrace what’s to come.

The question is, what is to come?

What changes will the Lemurian calendar bring into our lives?

Are we about to experience an entirely different dimension from the one we’ve always known? 

In this episode, Lemurian Light Shaman of New Zealand, Huna Flash shares what to expect in the near future, and how to get ready for it.

Denounce what was and move into what is.

Huna Flash

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. How to prepare for the shift
    The easiest way to transition to the Lemurian calendar is by simplifying the world around us. Focus on connecting and communicating with others and cleanse anything that could keep us in the current dimension longer than we need to be.
  2. What the shift feels like
    We often think the shift will look like a flash of light, and we’re not wrong, but many times we’re looking for that flash in the wrong place. The shift comes from within us, not externally.
  3. How healers can gear up for the changes ahead
    It’s time for us to familiarize ourselves with the pre-Atlantean tools of healing. Ancient wisdom is our future, so we have to have a firm grasp on what that means.

Guest Bio- 

Huna Flash is a Lemurian Light Shaman.

Born of the Ancient Ma Ori Navigators Lineage in New Zealand, he first awoke to his remembering at the age of 7.

Recognized as one who is ready to receive the wisdom of the unknown, from there he was nurtured by his elders and culture.

Initiated to Tohunga/Huna by the late Maori Prophet, Arekahanara Piripi To Pani Ariki 0 Manuariki in 1986, he completed his studies at the School of the Special Bird, and today he is internationally respected for his knowledge.

He has led missions including the Paradigm Convergence 11,11,11 in Jerusalem in 2018, the Ancient Ancestors Assembly in the Black Forest in 2017, as well as countless healing sessions in Native American Communities over the past 30 years.

Known as the Keeper of the Great Seal of Kunnara, Huna takes his Seat at the Southern Star, Seat 1 of all sectors, Ma Ha Ka Wa Ta Hi. 

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