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How to Immunize Yourself Against the War on Masculinity and the Mission to Depopulate the Planet w/Sonny Arvado

Since the 1950s, a silent warfare has been waged on the masses, and it has reached its most critical level now. Who is pulling all the strings and injecting the Progressive Virus into the population? What is the ultimate goal of the system that’s dumbing down humanity? What do we need to do to reclaim our power? On this episode, bestselling author of the book Of Tyrants and Tellers, Sonny Arvado, shines a light on the systems that are enslaving us, and how we can protect ourselves.

A lot of people think when it comes to any type of warfare, you need to brainwash an entire population. You just need to strategically get the established individuals under your wing. -Sonny Arvado

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At the start of the show, we talked about the evil and darkness we are seeing in the world and who is behind it. Next, we discussed the American university system and why it’s nothing more than a scam. Sonny went on to share what made him write Of Tyrants and Tellers, and he gave tips to help men take ownership of their lives. Towards the end of the show, he talked about why smart, strong men are so necessary, now more than ever. We also spoke about;

  • The media’s role in the war against the sexes
  • How celebrities have been weaponized by the elites controlling the population
  • How to win the compression war against our bodies

The world needs smart, strong masculine leadership, and it’s no coincidence that there’s a mission to dumb us down and make it impossible for us to stand up for ourselves. The media and the elites pulling the strings want us to live in fear and stay enslaved to the system. If you put all the pieces together, their ultimate goal is depopulation and eugenics. So how do we defend ourselves in this war? The number 1 thing you can do is take care of your health and fitness so you can become bigger, stronger and healthier. It’s all about regaining strength across the spectrum, in mind, body and spirit. Everything we need to survive will flow from that. Guest Bio Sonny is the creator and founder of, a website that focuses on a wide variety of men’s interest topics. His specialties include: bodybuilding, masculinity, personal brand building, professional networking, culture/psyops, dating advice, social skills, and mindset training. He is also the author of the book Of Tyrants & Tellers: Stand Tall. Build a Masculine Culture. Win the War on Men. To see more of his work go to and buy his book on Amazon. To Get YOUR FREE PAPERBACK COPY of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet, CLICK HERE!


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