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Mind, Body, Soul: The Unbelievable Power of Optimizing Your Entire Being w/Jeff Simpson

In the journey to becoming an optimized, high-conscious being, there are 3 key aspects – physical, mental, and spiritual.

We can’t pick and choose which area to focus on, everything is intertwined.

We can’t be fit and forget our souls, and we can’t be deeply spiritual and forget about our bodies.

We have to maximize the entire vessel.

Health, fitness, happiness, abundance, and prosperity are the inevitable by-products of taking a holistic approach to becoming better people.

If we can’t accept and allow ourselves to transform in body, mind, and soul, it’s all a waste.

How do we deal with our trauma so that it doesn’t weigh us down?

What are the most important aspects of spiritual evolution?

In this episode, I’m joined by nutrition junkie, soul searcher, and co-founder of Health Mind Soul, Jeff Simpson.

We talk about the journey to a high conscious existence, and the most important lessons we’ve learned along the way.

We have to live in this physical suit, and we have to take care of it. We can’t have a sick body and a healthy body, the two aren’t going to mesh.

-Jeff Simpson

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. The goal of a high consciousness being
    On the map of consciousness, aim to stay between 350 to 500 at all times. It’s impossible to stay at level 540 at all times, because we still have egos, and some situations will test us. The difference between a master and low consciousness being is the ability to recognize when you’re being pulled into a lower vibrational frequency.
  2. Why we can’t be optimized without self-acceptance
    Until you love and trust yourself, it’s hard to make any lasting change to any aspect of your life. If you optimize your nutrition and fitness without achieving inner peace and awareness, you’re always going to sabotage yourself, because you don’t feel worthy of a healthy body.
  3. How to optimize all aspects of your being
    The body, mind, and soul are part of one intertwined, holistic system, and to be a high conscious being, every aspect needs to be optimized. Each part of our being feeds off the other, and if we just focus on one area and neglect the rest, we’re not fully embracing the path of high consciousness.

Guest Bio- 

Jeff Simpson is a father, husband, fitness fanatic, nutrition junkie, soul searcher, author, and co-founder of Health Mind Soul.

Jeff stays active in CrossFit as a member and CF-L1 trainer, he loves to practice meditation and enjoys reading a good book.

With his wife, Jeff has ventured into nutrition coaching and they’ve created their own guided journal.

He recently wrote the book Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace in pursuit of bringing greater awareness to the amazing wonders life has to offer.

For more information, visit and follow @healthmindsoullife on Instagram.

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