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How to Boost Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing With Breathwork w/Joe Distefano

The events of the past year have taken a toll on many people’s mental and physical health, but while it’s tempting to blame this on external factors, the only way to get through this period is by looking within.

There’s never been a better time to stop focusing on the constant buzz of activity in the outside world and start working on our own inner stillness.

That being said, with our world so geared towards a fast-paced lifestyle, is that even a possibility? 

How can we channel our energies towards inner peace?

What’s stopping us from becoming more self-aware in the first place?

In this episode, fitness expert, lifestyle coach, and host of the Stacked podcast, Joe Distefano shares how breathwork can help us find inner peace and healing in a time of chaos.

All of us as beings have to work on getting to a silent place where we can drown out the noise and be one with our presence.
Jay Campbell


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. How the way we breathe impacts our health
    Many of us breathe primarily through our mouths, but we shouldn’t be. Breathing through our noses gives us 360° expansion and ultimately gets our bodies functioning at an optimal level. 
  2. How to stay focused on our breathwork when we’re just getting started
    It’s easy to get distracted when we’re new to breathwork, and that’s why we need an anchor. Simple actions like practicing holding our breath keep us focused on what we’re doing in the moment.
  3. Why we need to change the way we think of breathwork
    Stop thinking of breathwork and meditation as a task on a daily to-do list and start thinking of it as an act of self-love. When we make this shift, we start focusing because we want to, not because we feel like we have to.

Guest Bio- 

Joe Distefano is an international speaker, fitness expert, and lifestyle coach.

As the Founder of experiential lifestyle brand RUNGA, Joe is passionate about empowering his clients through practices that fuel health, wellness, and performance.

While most in his industry focus on the “sore and sweaty scale”, Joe favors the “health and happiness” scale as a measure of success. Joe is also the host of the Stacked with Joe Distefano podcast. 

To find out more, go to: 

You can also email him at:

[email protected]

Books mentioned in this episode:

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

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