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The Nephilim Agenda Accomplished? Signs of Demonic Occupation in Modern Society w/Joseph Opare

Fallen angels have weaved their way into our society and cultures, and their occupation of humanity is already well underway.

From the manipulation of economies to the technological enslavement of billions of people, the long foreshadowed indications of the agenda are happening right in front of us.

Are we being led to buy into an agenda that will ultimately lead to our demise?

How do we guard our souls against manipulation?

In this episode, author of the profound book, the “Nephilim Apocalypse: Rise Of The Nephilim New World Order”, Joseph Opare joins me to discuss all the indicators that we’re already in a dark brotherhood-orchestrated apocalypse.

This is all about where Satan has always wanted to be – inside the human being.

-Joseph Opare  

Three Things We Learned 

  1. What Satan ultimately wants from us
    How will the dark forces accomplish their mission aided by humans?
  2. The hard question we all have to ask ourselves
    How can we tell if we’re truly free or victims of manufactured consent?
  3. Atlantean technology resurrected
    Is there a way out for the people ensconced in technological servitude or is it too late?


Guest Bio

Dr. Joseph Opare is an ordained minister of the gospel and the Creative Director of JOPARE MEDIA a creative production company focused on creating more profound insights into the right perception of life and the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He is the author of Nephilim Apocalypse.

After his conversion in the nation of Ghana, he has successfully made remarkable breakthroughs in his ministry.

Joseph understands that the human mind is complex and diverse and has consistently made successful attempts to help people reach their full potential by making use of their most powerful tool –the positive mind.

Joseph has ministered in several countries around the world, conducting unforgettable and richly inspiring gospel missions in North America, Australia, Germany, Antigua, Jamaica, St Martin, St Kitts, and across several cities in England.

He has an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Ministry, a degree in Digital Film and holds a diploma in Christian Education from the International Bible Institute of London.

Also serving as a senior minister for Warrior House International, Joseph still directs his energy towards enlightening Christians and non-Christians on how to effectively incorporate positive spiritual values and principles for successful living.

For more information, head to Buy Nephilim Apocalypse here.

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