How Dream Body Clinic Provides Optimization Away From the Manipulation of Big Pharma w/Josh Ketner

August 29, 2022

The American Healthcare System aka ‘Sick Care or Illness Medicine’ (supported by Big Pharma) is a scam designed for a very specific purpose – to gate-keep, make sure people remain sick, and extract money for years on end like a software subscription.

As a result, things like stem cell therapy are heavily regulated to a point of suffocating all innovation and optimization.

Some of the most cutting edge and capable practitioners have left the US, and provide their aging-resistance treatments in Mexico.

In today’s special on-location podcast, we’re taking you inside Dream Body Clinic in Puerto Vallarta Mexico where my wife Monica and I recently had powerful regenerative stem cell treatments.

The founder, Josh Ketner discusses their fly-in service, why optimization is thriving in Mexico, and all the amazing things stem cell therapy makes possible. 

Growth hormone actually helps your cells replicate faster and more efficiently, which is the opposite of cancer.

-Josh Ketner

Three Things We Learned 

  1. How America’s optimization space suffocates innovation
    Why did the FDA/medicine/allopathic brotherhood crack down so hard on stem cells?
  2. How to resist aging
    If you’re eating right, exercising and receiving precise, surgical doses of growth hormone and stem cell treatment would you ever need chronic medications?
  3. Dream Body’s revolutionary strategy for combating facial aging
    With everything we’re finding out about Botox, is there a better option?

Guest Bio

Josh Ketner is the founder of Dream Body Clinic.

Dream Body Clinic’s goal is simple, to provide people from around the world, access to medications and treatments that are difficult or impossible to get in their country of residence.

Dream Body Clinic is located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico because of the low amount of restrictions and regulations on medications and medical treatments.

They have worked with incredible attorneys and doctors to ensure that their patients can get the medication or medical treatments they want.

The team at Dream Body Clinic believe that Big Pharma has manipulated the system in most countries for their own gain and your pain.

There is no big money in keeping people healthy for Big Pharma.

They want treatments that you have to use continually and they can profit off of your pain for months or years on end.

Dream Body provides medications and treatments that affect the root cause of health issues instead of just cookie cutter fixes.

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