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Flower Alchemy: Stopping to Smell the Roses is More Important than We Think w/Katie Hess

Being in nature is being around God, so it’s no surprise that traditionally, alchemists would send their patients out into the wilderness to drink dewdrops off specific flowers for healing.

That being said, how many of us have the opportunity to do that every morning? 

With so many of us living in cities, unable to access the natural world on a daily basis, we’ve got further away from traditional healing methods than ever before. 

Does that mean approaches like flower alchemy are out of reach or are there modern alternatives to ancient traditions? 

How can we take full advantage of all the healing powers of mother nature, no matter where we are? 

In this episode, flower alchemist and Founder of Lotuswei, Katie Hess expands on flower elixirs and the role they can play in boosting our holistic wellness.

If we could get 3% of the world’s population actively working with flower remedies, it would create enough positive ripple effect that it would change the outcome of the future.
-Katie Hess

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. How flowers promote post-breakup healing
    When an intimate relationship ends, many people continue to feel connected to a former partner, and that’s because we’re still experiencing their energy. Plants like the pomegranate flower have the power to cleanse those energies and speed up the healing process.
  2. The role flower elixirs can play in alleviating emotional turmoil
    Going through difficult emotions is part of the human experience, and we should embrace even our lowest moments as gifts. However, we can always look to mother nature and her powers as a supportive partner as we navigate life’s ups and downs.
  3. How to take advantage of the healing power of nature without flower essences
    Flower elixirs offer numerous benefits, but merely spending time in nature does wonders for our wellbeing. Whenever possible, go outdoors, sit under a tree, and ask the divine for wisdom.

Guest Bio- 

Katie Hess is a flower alchemist and the Founder of Lotuswei.

Passionate about teaching others about the power of flowers and their essences, Katie’s work is geared towards helping people discover entirely new worlds, both inside and out.

She is the author of Flowerevolution, organizes insightful retreats in more than one country, and is the host of the Flower Lounge podcast. 

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