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EMFs Are Everywhere w/Lance Schuttler

Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about 5G towers and the effect they’ll have on our collective wellbeing.

However, no matter how much the industry and the media suggest there’s nothing to be concerned about, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Much of the debate in favor of 5G is centered on there not being enough research to prove its risks, but that’s simply because there hasn’t been much research conducted, period.

That being said, the research that has been done all points to one thing: 5G radiation puts us in danger. 

The problem is, we live in a world where technology is ubiquitous.

How can we possibly avoid radiation when it’s all around us?

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves, without losing out on all the benefits of modern technology?

In this episode, CEO of EMF Harmonized, Lance Schuttler joins me to discuss how EMF radiation is impacting us everyday, and what we can do about it.

The more we track and measure every aspect of our lives, the more technology and EMF is around us.
-Jay Campbell

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  1. How we’re exposed to EMFs on a daily basis
    From the microwaves in our kitchens to our sleep trackers and our phones, nearly every part of our lives leads to us being bombarded with electromagnetic fields. However, EMFs aren’t only coming off devices, they’re also being emitted by the sun, meaning we’re almost always exposed.
  2. Why we’ll never completely escape the EMFs emitted through technology
    Short of moving to the middle of nowhere to live off the grid and avoid technology entirely, we’ll always be affected by EMFs in some way. However, we can shield ourselves by making use of protective tools like blue light glasses, cellphone discs, and computer strips.
  3. How protective tools work to keep our bodies in homeostasis
    Products like those developed by EMF Harmonized won’t lead to a reduction of EMFs. Instead, their technology signals our bodies to go into homeostasis and keep things balanced out in a healthy way in response to the radiation all around us.

Guest Bio- 

Lance Schuttler is the CEO of EMF Harmonized. A Health Science graduate from the University of Iowa, Lance is also the co-owner of Ascent Nutrition. Passionate about holistic health, Lance is also a Board Member at the Master Shift, an organization devoted to facilitating spiritual growth. 

To Purchase EMF Harmonized for all your electronic EMF emitting devices:

Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:–dr-martin-l.-pall–eu-emf2018-6-11us3.pdf

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