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How to Overcome Negative Frequencies, Transgenerational Traumas & Open Up Our Creative Imagination to Create The Future w/Laura Eisenhower

Our world is experiencing a significant shift in energies, frequencies and programming.  

All of this shows that our creative imagination has been haunted by traumas of the past and negative belief systems that have enslaved us. 

But the veil of these negative systems is thinning and dropping.

This is necessary for us to leverage the shift for our conscious awakening.

We need to shift what we are empowering and attaching ourselves to.  

What does coronavirus represent in these times and what can it teach us?

Why should we welcome the end times?

How do we tell the difference between our authentic selves and what we’ve been programmed to believe? 

In this episode, I’m joined by internationally acclaimed speaker, global alchemist researcher, and intuitive astrologist, Laura Eisenhower.

We talk about the times we’re living in, what they mean and how we can build towards something better. 

The end times are the end of mind control, social engineering agendas and us being used as a battery by this vampiric parasitic system feeding on our vulnerabilities.

-Laura Eisenhower


Three Takeaways: 

  • What we can do to arm ourselves against the future When the world is changing and shifting, we must prepare ourselves in order to raise our vibration. Being prepared means we will be relaxed, so we won’t be connected to our survival chakra, which stops us from connecting to our higherSELVES.
  • Why the end times are a new beginning Many people have invested in the current system of false stability many were living in, and for them, what we’re going through feels like the world is ending. The world is actually abundant, and we will be able to birth a new age.
  • How to raise our vibration in these uncertain times If we work to raise our vibration, we’re not going to be susceptible to the negative energies, immune system deficiencies and the dark frequencies that have trapped and enslaved many people. We need inner work and optimization to gain the advantage.

Guest Bio- 

Laura is an internationally acclaimed speaker, global alchemist researcher, and intuitive astrologist.

She is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower and she reveals exo-political information about his administration that has been largely held in secrecy.

She is considered by many to be one of North America’s leading researchers on: Health, Exo-politics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Galactic History.

To learn more, subscribe or work with Laura visit

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