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Mind Control By Entertainment: How to Escape Hollywood’s Wicked Agenda w/Leo Zagami

If you want to see the effect of a sinister energy on a society, look no further than Hollywood.

From the music of decades past to the movies that dominate screens now, brain-washing and total control have always been the mission, and its contagion effect has spread across the world from politics to ordinary people. 

How did this sinister mission begin? What does it mean for anyone who wants out of this wicked reality? 

In this episode, return guest and author of “Confessions of an Illuminati”, Leo Zagami shares the not-so-subtle links between Hollywood, mind control and the military industrial complex.

They knew that the petroleum-distillate medication model would wear out the biological systems of humans to the point where they’d make more money covering the side effects. -Jay Campbell

Three Things We Learned 

  1. How psychedelics are used for evil
    When it comes to the mind-control of the Hollywood elite, are they unknowing, unwitting pawns or willing participants?
  2. The evil of Netflix
    Can we really trust what streaming services are putting out right now, or is something nefarious behind the content?
  3. How to protect yourself from mind control by way of entertainment
    Why do we have to consume popular content with a whole lot of caution?


Guest Bio

Leo Lyon Zagami is a writer and researcher and the son of Dr. Elio Zagami (1939- 2010), known Jungian analyst, writer, and co- founder of GAPA (Independent Group of Analytical Psychology, of which he was president). His grandfather was Senator Leopoldo Zagami, a Sicilian politician who was also a known historian and author, who married into the aristocratic family of the Marquis de Gregorio.

Leo’s mother, Jessica Lyon Young, is a member of the family of the Queen Mother of England. Her father, Henry Lyon Young was also a writer. Felicity Mason, her mother, Leo’s maternal grandmother, helped Leo in developing his talents from a young age. Felicity was an old-time collaborator and friend of avant-garde eccentrics such as William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. She was also known under the pseudonym Anne Cumming, which made her famous in the 80’s as a controversial novelist, after working for many years in the cinema business with prestigious figures such as Fellini and Zeffirelli.

Zagami, who is known for a brilliant career as Leo Young in the media and music industry as a Record Producer, became quickly popular on the web in 2006, because of his direct involvement in the New World Order and Secret Societies known to the majority of us as the “Illuminati.”

His blog rose quickly and gained attention from people such as David Icke, for its accurate fully documented ground- breaking inside information. Between 2009 and 2013 Zagami began publishing books in Europe and Japan based on a variety of subjects that range from the history of secret societies and the Vatican to geopolitical matters concerning the New World Order. In 2013, he collaborated with known Italian journalists, Ferruccio Pinotti and Giacomo Galeazzi, in drafting a chapter for their Italian Best Seller “Vaticano Massone,” which was released in May 2013, dedicated to the secretive world of Vatican Freemasonry. Zagami has collaborated in the past with a series of articles and scoops for Infowars and was the protagonist of a highly successful documentary made by Alex Jones in Rome, called “Demonic Possession of The Vatican Exposed.” Leo also was the one to reveal to the world on Infowars the Gay Vatican Drug/Orgy in the summer of 2017, that forced the mainstream media to later cover the story. After publishing many books in Italy and Japan with great success, he reached his English-speaking public, thanks to a book deal made with San Francisco’s CCC Publishing, that made Leo’s translated works available in the English language. However, Leo’s latest books, Confessions Volume 4, volume 5, volume 6.66, and volume 7 published by the newly established publishing house Cursum Perficio, were written entirely in English and not translated from Italian. Leo travels around the world giving conferences and has recently relocated with his wife to California after suffering political persecution for his work in Italy.

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