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Mitigating Body Stress & Mapping the Path to Athletic Longevity w/Benjamin Brown

Our bodies are under siege. From toxic foods to adrenal fatigue, how do we overcome the barrage of stress attacking our immune systems? What do we nourish ourselves with to counteract the negative stuff and gain longevity? On this episode, we talk to Benjamin Brown about health, nutrition and his career, which includes consulting for the Golden State Warriors.

You have to start putting your lifestyle together in a way that mitigates the amount of stress your body is perceiving. – Jay Campbell

Listen to the full episode: At the start of the show Benjamin Brown, told us about his career and how he got started. He also talked about the importance of living a lifestyle that mitigates stress. We also exchanged ideas about Far Eastern Medicine, and the importance of using herbs to supplement health. He went on to share about his supplement company, and the consulting work he does with the Golden State Warriors.

Listen to the Episode on YouTube:

Benjamin also shared insights on:

  • The importance of having good gut biomes and maintaining gut integrity
  • Essential amino-acid powders
  • The path to longevity for professional athletes
  • Far Eastern Medicine and the importance of embracing the mind and its power
  • The herbs you need to live an optimal life

The biggest question when it comes to being optimal is “how serious are you willing to be?” Throughout our days, our body are perceiving stress- digestive, nutritional or emotional. What can we do to modulate these disruptors, and take that extra step towards our best selves? Identify what’s holding you back from success, commit to manageable changes and work on improving every single day Guest Bio Ben is the founder of Body Systems Healing & Performance. He’s a health specialist with over 13 years experience in working with clients to help them put in place realistic and easy to implement nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes so that they can finally feel at home in their body again and get their energy and vitality back. Go to for more information.

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