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The Nephilims Are Here: How to Win the Battle & Prevent the Collapse w/Nick Hinton

Call them demons, nephilims or aliens, but every civilization in human evolution has been invaded by reptilian shapeshifters who want to steer the ship in their own nefarious direction.

Now is no different. All the signs show that there’s a dark agenda to control all of mankind.

There’s good news though, we can still fight back but we have to be aware of what’s going on.

What are the big indicators that something deeply nefarious is afoot

How can human beings find the light?

In this episode, I’m joined by dimension jumping artist, author, and philosopher, Nick Hinton. We talk about how to escape and fight the mission of the darkness.

The powers that be are here to be the catalyst for our spiritual growth, they’d be no rock to push up the mountain without them. -Nick Hinton

Three Things We Learned 

  1. What the nephilims are after
    There’s no good endgame for serving the dark, so why are so many people still doing it?
  2. Why some people are picked for alien abduction
    There’s a mission to change our genetic code in order to control us, how do abductees play into this?
  3. How to tap into your scalar life force energy
    Is disease a problem of frequency, not germs? What causes a lot of our anguish as human beings?

Guest Bio

Nick Hinton is a dimension jumping artist, author, and philosopher.

Follow @nickhintonn on Instagram and Twitter.

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